10 Illustrations That Will Make You Really Miss School

School is fun but class is boring!

Do you recall …

1. When you had to march to class every morning.

Admit it, this was low key one of the fun ways to get energized for the day.



2. When you had to sweep your section every morning.



3. When you divided your notebook between subjects with a folded triangle shape.



4. When you asked your neighbor for a sheet of paper and they tear you a new one.



5. When you go see-saw with your bestie during break time.



6. When you didn’t do what you were supposed to and you got the beatings of your life.



7. When you get to buy your lunch and enjoy it before everyone else.



8. When your name was a regular feature on the list of talkative.

You just couldn’t sit still to save your life.



9. When you were always called out during inspection time.

If you were a nail-biter then God bless your heart.


10. When you were called out to come and clean the blackboard.

What do you miss the most about school?


Written by southhow

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