10 Hilarious Twitter Reactions On Nomination Of Drake’s Diss Song To Meek Mill For The 2016 Grammy Awards

There has been a lot of reactions from fans, following the surprised nomination of popular American singer, Drake’s diss song ‘Back to Back’ to Meek Mill for the 2016 Grammy awards.

Below are some of the hilarious reactions from twitter.

@brass_tracks “I heard if drake wins the grammy for “back to back” meek mill will turn into a baby again and has to start his life over.”

@GlockRivers “If Drake win a Grammy for Back to Back he gotta thank Meek Mill in his speech.”

@SheaSerrano “drake got a grammy nomination for “back to back” aw man meek mill ain’t allowed back in philly for at least 10 years.”

@DoloBeing “Meek Mill will have to move out the country.”

@SartoriallyInc “if drake wins a grammy for back to back meek mill should be forced into exile tbh.”

If Drake wins a Grammy for “Back-to-Back,” I think that should officially bring an end to Meek Mill’s career.

If drake wins a grammy, and tweets thank you to meek mill, i might break my phone from laughing.

If he wins a Grammy for back to back I will never listen to another Meek Mill verse in my lifetime.

The fact @Drake has been nominated for a Grammy for his diss song BackToBack. If he wins Meek Mill would’ve taken the biggest L in history.

if drake win a Grammy for back to back meek should be banned from ever making a track again lol


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