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Zuma To Lead Freedom Day Celebrations While Hundreds March For His Downfall

President Jacob Zuma will on Wednesday lead Freedom Day celebrations in Giyani, Limpopo.

Meanwhile, hundreds of protesters across the country will march, calling for him to vacate his office.

The Freedom Day celebrations in Giyani will be held under the theme “Together Building Better Communities – Local Government is Everybody’s Business.”

On Monday, Zuma urged South Africans to mark this important day on which the nation triumphed over racism and subjugation.

“On this day we will be promoting unity and working together to build a non-racial, non-sexist, democratic and prosperous South Africa,” he said.

Celebrations in Giyani will start from 09:00, the presidency said.

On the same day, hundreds of South Africans will march in Cape Town and Johannesburg for his downfall.

In Cape Town, the Zuma Must Fall movement will hold a march in the city centre from 11:00, calling for the president to resign.

The group will march to Parliament.

In Johannesburg, civil group People’s Assembly will join the chorus calling for Zuma’s removal from office.

The group will gather at 10:00 and will use the day to ask Zuma to willingly resign.

Source: News24


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