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Youth Chant ‘Zuma Must Fall’ During Zuma’s Youth Day Speech (Video)

Youth Chant 'Zuma Must Fall'

On Friday, the day of South Africa’s annual nod to those students who bravely stood up against the Bantu education system, the country’s Number One found himself in Ventersdorp in the North West.

Jacob Zuma commemorated the day by giving a speech to a hall filled with youths, and HuffPostSA reports that he received a mixed bag of reactions – some cheered, others booed.

A few even began shouting “Zuma Must Fall”.

Watch the video below to hear it:

Immediately, those who were chanting were dragged out by security, including the man in the video below, Meleko Mejave:

Mejave said Zuma was useless. He said he was not interested in what Zuma had to say because he was a “liar’ and wasted money that was supposed to be going toward service delivery on dealings with the Guptas.

Listen to his frustration:

“As useless as he is.”

And Zuma’s reaction? Well, as usual, the man seemed unfazed to the outside world, pausing for a moment only to continue as planned.

He even had the audacity to woo the crowd “with a few Setswana phrases”.



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