Check Out The Reasons Why You Become Different After 30

You’re a different person after 30, which is why your s*x life is a much better experience

You’re better at asking for what you want 

With age, comes experience, and this applies to all aspects of your life – including your sex life. Because you’re more experienced, you’re less reserved about speaking openly with your partner about exactly what you want and what you like. You’re also less shy about finding out what your partner wants, what they like and how you can better pleasure them.

Your raging hormones are a bit calmer

The widely trusted 1948 Kinsey Reports found that men peak hormonally at about 18 years old but, according to sexologist Coleen Singer, their performance peaks arrive at a later stage. Speaking to AskMen,Singer says that once men aren’t as highly driven by testosterone, they seek to pleasure their partners just as much as they want pleasure themselves, so sex is less one sided.

Your self-confidence is a lot better 

Remember your younger days when sex with the lights on was a bit traumatising because you felt so exposed, mini mkhaba and all? Well, after your thirties, your self-confidence reaches a new level and you no longer fret over the small stuff like what she’s thinking about your man boobs or how much more prominent your stretch marks have become. Accepting yourself and loving yourself just as you are is one of the greatest things that come with age, and believe us, self-confidence can revolutionise a sexual experience!

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You can laugh things off

Whether we want to admit it or not, sex can be a bit awkward, what with the weird sounds emitted in the throes of passion. When you were younger, these cringeworthy moments probably left you and your partner mortified. But the older you get, the easier it is to laugh things off. As you age, you’ll find yourself less embarrassed by what was once awkward moments.



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