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World’s Most Expensive Earrings Sell For $57.4 Million

World's Most Expensive Earrings Sell For $57.4 Million

The world’s most expensive earrings were sold to an anonymous buyer for $57.4 million dollars at a Sotheby’s auction in Geneva. But the gag is, the pear-shaped diamond earrings don’t even match!

Named after ancient Greek gods, the 14.54-carat “Apollo Blue” diamond has a rare IIa grading and sold for more than $42 million, according to Forbes, while the 16-carat “Artemis Pink” diamond sold for more than $15 million.

Harper’s Bazaar noted that although the diamond earrings were sold separately, both pieces were purchased by the same buyer.

Join the convo. Would you spend that money on acquiring these non-matching earrings if you had that money?


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