Worlds Biggest Choir Competition To Be Held In Pretoria By 2018

The City of Tshwane has been announced as the official host for the world’s biggest choir competition to be held in Pretoria in 2018.

Interkultur, the leading organiser of the World Choir Games, revealed the news on Friday.

South Africa will be the first African country to receive hundreds of choirs from across the globe which will participate in the competition.

Interkultur President Günter Titsch said “Since its beginning, choirs from South Africa have been fascinating the audience and the singers from all over the world at the Interkultur events. It comes with a varied and vital choral scene like scarcely another country.”

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The Stellenbosch University Choir is currently top of a 2016 international ranking by Interkultur.

The group is set to compete at the 11-day festival in Russia next month.



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