Amazing Benefits Of A Stable Marriage

Research has confirmed that there are lots of health benefits attached to marriage and long term relationships, adding that marriage and long term relationships are good for your physical, mental and financial health.

Asides the common benefits experienced in a stable marriage some of which includes rest of mind, love and care, etc, research has since revealed other numerous benefits of stable marriages.

A study was published suggesting that being married boost our chance of surviving cancer, people who are enjoying their marriages have better health compared to those who never married or those who are unhappy with their marriages.

Here are other benefits attached to a stable marriage:

Numerous studies have associated a stable marriage with a lower risk of disease, ranging from diabetes to cardiovascular and respiratory issues. It is believed a married man tends to live healthy by smoking less, drinking less alcohol and eating more healthy meals.

Being happily married can also boost your chances of living a long life. Researchers found that husbands and wives were 10 -15 % less likely to die prematurely to the population as a whole.
There was a case of a man a while ago touching his wife’s breast and felt a lump, your familiarity with your partner’s body has benefits in terms of their health status thus saving them from grave dangers.

People who are married and stay married have roughly doubled their wealth if you consider their combined income.
Plousidis said “having a joint account also helps with unnecessary spending as the couple are aware of what comes and leave the account. It can provide a buffer against the stresses of major life events.”

The health benefits of long-term relationships also seem to extend to mental health. Married people report less depression, and they’re also less likely to abuse drugs and alcohol. Of course, people who are prone to depression and substance abuse may also be less likely to form long-term relationships in the first place. But partnering up does have the benefit of providing a shoulder to cry on when things get tough.
That’s not to say that singledom necessarily condemns you to a life of loneliness and depression, however, if you’re single, maintaining strong friendships could provide a similar emotional support.

Generally speaking, research supports the idea that married people are happier because happy people tend to be more sociable, and they’re therefore more likely to meet someone they’d like to form a long-term relationship with in the first place.

Getting married also seems to cause a temporary blip in happiness levels: one study that tracked 24,000 German couples over 15 years found that although marriage increased happiness in the short term, as time wore on, individuals’ happiness levels eventually returned to their premarital state.

Surely single people have more sex though? In fact, people who are married have sex roughly twice as often as those who are single, But it is true that the frequency of sex declines the longer a couple have been together. Research also confirmed that after taking account of age and relationship type, those whose relationship has lasted less than two years have sex twice as frequently as those for whom it has lasted six years or more

Here, it seems that absence really does make the heart grow fonder: 65% of men and 67% of women who live with their partner report being sexually satisfied, compared to 83% and 80% of those who are in a steady relationship, but live apart. This compares to 46% and 44% of men and women who have never lived with a partner (and 39% and 35% of those who are single now but previously lived with someone).

With the listed benefits above, it can all go wrong when you re with the wrong person, it’s always worth the wait.


Source: Thewhistler.ng


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