Women Are Less Of An Accident Risk, Stats Reveal

Woman Driving Car
Woman Driving Car image source: www.freestockphotos.biz

In a statement released on Monday, L’eanne Harrington, senior manager at Alexander Forbes Retail, said: “Men have more vehicles written off than women do.”

Statistics show, from middle age, there is a higher accident partial damage frequency for female drivers. Harrington said this could be caused by distractions from little children in the car, or by young learner-drivers driving a mother’s car.

“Across all ages, the average cost per claim by male drivers is higher than those of their female counterparts.” She explained that for higher-powered vehicles, men have more accidents.

“For vehicles over R500 000, the average cost per claim for females R51 537, compared to R59 805 for males.” This is because women are less likely to speed or drive recklessly, she explained.

Women also drive cheaper cars. About 75% of female drivers have a sum insured value of under R250 000, compared to 70.75% of males’ vehicles.

Younger males have a much higher write off frequency than women.


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