For Women: 3 Things You Should Never Do After Love-making

After Love-making, people tend to move on from s*x to do other things, but sadly some of the things women do shouldn’t be done after s*x.

For women, it’s important that the care for the vagina after s*x so it doesn’t lead to irritation. “At the point when the vaginal tissues have been greased up, swollen, and rubbed against during int*rcourse, it changes how that tissue responds to nature,” says Kansas-based gynecologist Leslie E. F. Page, M.D. “Principally, you run a much more serious danger of infection.

Here is a breakdown of stuff you need to know to avoid after s*x as written by Molly Triffin, Women’s Health Magazine

1. Don’t forget to pee


During s*x, bacteria can get into the bladder. “This can result in post-int*rcourse bladder infections,” says Robert Wool, M.D., ob-gyn, “You can have some snuggle time, just empty your bladder within an hour of sex.”

After peeing, make sure to wipe from back to front to avoid fecal matter from anus into the V-zone. “Due to swelling and micro-abrasions that can occur during int*rcourse, your vulvar and vaginal skin is particularly tender and prone to infection,” says Page.

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2. Don’t wash your lady parts


I know it seems like a bright idea to wash down there after love-making, but its not necessary because you might have allergic reaction to the soap. “Using soap can lead to vaginal irritation and dryness,” Wool says.

3. Watch the lingerie (underwear) you sleep in

Sleeping in a sexy lingerie is a welcome idea, the dilemma here is the material of the lingerie, if you’ve got cotton lingerie then that’s fine but if its nylon, polyester or rayon skivvies, avoid those ones. “After s*x, your skin tends to be warm and damp, thanks to perspiration, vaginal secretions, and semen,” Page says.

“Synthetic underwear traps the moisture and you run the risk of a yeast infection,” Wool says. “The vagina likes to air out.”


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