“We Will Resign If Zuma Stay” – Ministers Threaten

president zuma sad
Jacob Zuma

The ministers made the dramatic threat on the sidelines of a tense extended national executive (NEC) committee meeting.

The threat can be viewed as a pre-emptive strike against Zuma, who has been planning a Cabinet reshuffle to purge his political opponents.

One of the ministers said: “It’s a malicious rumour, we are fighting within ANC processes.”

It is understood a stalemate in the meeting prompted ANC Northern Cape chairman Zemani Saul to propose a “compromise”. He suggested that the top six leaders of the party should wrangle over the issue and report back to the NEC at its next meeting.

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Many ministers who have been contemplating resigning spoke out in support of Zuma’s recall at a three-day NEC meeting in Irene over the weekend.

Ministers who spoke out face a stark choice should Zuma remain in office: resign and make way for Zuma to fill their positions with his loyalists or wait for him to reshuffle them.


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