WhatsApp To Be Discontinued On Certain Cellphones, See Why


By the end of 2016 certain older cellphones will no longer be able to use the popular chat app WhatsApp.

This includes most BlackBerry and older Nokia phones.

In an entry on its blog the message service announced that they will no longer be supporting the old operating systems on which these phones work.

Older versions of Google’s operating system, Android, are affected.

When WhatsApp was launched seven years ago about 70 percent of its users had BlackBerry or Nokia phones. Only 25 percent of users had Android phones.

But things have changed. At present most cellphone users have Android or Apple smart phones. The message service has decided to focus its resources on this market.

All support for WhatsApp on the following devices will cease by the end of 2016 

  • BlackBerry, including BlackBerry 10
  • Nokia S40
  • Nokia Symbian S60
  • Cellphones that use Android 2.1 and Android 2.2
  • Windows Phone 7.1

These operating systems can no longer support the new characteristics of the app.

Newer Nokia phones that use Android or Microsoft’s latest operating systems won’t be affected. Neither will users of BlackBerry’s new phone, the Priv, which also makes use of Android.

WhatsApp advises users of the affected phones to upgrade to a phone that can support the app before the end of the year.

To find out what operating system your phone uses go to Settings and then to About. Your operating system should be indicated there.

source: You.co.za


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