What The ANC Would Risk By Recalling Zuma

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Political analysts Aubrey Matshiqi and Mzukisi Ngcobo weigh in on the debate on whether it’s time for the ANC to ask President Jacob Zuma to vacate his seat

Scandals and mistakes, which have detrimental impacts on the country, have had South Africans and opposition parties up in arms with many calling for President Jacob Zuma’s head.

Scandals, such as Nkandla and Zuma’s relationship with the Guptas, have not only put Zuma under scrutiny, but they’ve also damaged the reputation of the country’s ruling party the ANC.

The ANC, which has been constantly on the defense and protecting Zuma at all costs, has also started to show cracks, but despite the damage that has been caused by Zuma’s shenanigans, the ANC remains supportive of its president. The question that everyone’s asking is why is the ANC has not removed Zuma as president?

Political analyst Aubrey Matshiqi, who has written extensively on ANC politics, says the possibility of Zuma being removed by the ANC are next to none.

“The ANC can’t recall a second president, as that would undermine confidence in the county. With investors losing confidence in South Africa and the country facing another credit downgrade, the ANC cannot remove the country’s president,” Matshiqi says.

“Zuma has also not been sufficiently weakened in the ANC – any attempt to get rid of him would divide the party.”

Opposition parties have also made a lot of noise about having Zuma impeached as the President of the Republic.

Zuma’s lawyer, Jeremy Gauntlett, who’s currently representing him on the Nkandla matter at the Constitutional Court, said that the court should not give Zuma a harsh punishment regarding that issue, as this could create grounds for the president’s impeachment.

Matshiqi says he doesn’t understand why there’s so much excitement about the possibility of Zuma being impeached, as it won’t happen without the ANC’s approval.

“Impeachment won’t happen. In order for Zuma to be impeached they would need a two-thirds majority and the ANC won’t impeach its own leader,” Matshiqi says

Mzukisi Ngcobo, another political analyst, agrees.

“When Mbeki was recalled, he was no longer ANC president; he’d already been removed at Mangaung. His political base had been taken away from him. When it comes to Zuma, he is firmly in charge of the ANC,” Ngcobo says.

Ngcobo adds that the ANC is technically incapacitated from removing Zuma. “The only mechanism that can be used to remove Zuma would be parliament,” he says.

However, he doesn’t see this as a possibility as some in the ANC might argue that Zuma’s term is nearing the end and therefore there would be no need to remove him.

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