Web Rangers Creates A Chain Of Online Safety For South African Youth

Safety remains a concern for many parents around the world  as internet penetration grows.

SA’s Media Monitoring Africa (MMA)has partnered up with Google SA and the Film and Publication Board (FPB) to kick start  Web Rangers in SA, a project which arms  young people  with skills to stay safe online.

“What we’re doing is giving teens skills around online safety and appropriate behaviour online,” says MMA director William Bird.

It starts with a bit of adult input and then it’s something that’s driven by the teens themselves

In SA, Web Rangers teams up with schools and selects teenagers who are trained and then encouraged to go back to their societies and teach their communities what they have learned during the workshops.

“It starts with a bit of adult input and then it’s something that’s driven by the teens themselves,” says Bird.

Web Rangers, originally launched in Israel, also runs in Kenya,India, Japan New Zealand, Colombia, Mexico, Turkey, the Philippines and the Czech Republic.

The project is currently running in Gauteng and aims to expand to more provinces around SA.

MMA director William Bird spoke to SABC about Web Rangers ahead of their second workshop in Johannesburg on Friday.

Click below to listen to interview with MMA.

Teenagers are encouraged to create campaigns to educate people about online safety.

Watch online camping created by a teenager who took  part in the Web ranger project



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