Watch: Tornado Touches Down In Johannesburg

Source: mygaming.co.za

Several videos have emerged of a tornado touching down in Magaliesburg, just outside Johannesburg on Monday amid a cold spell that has gripped the country.

A cold front has meant snow in three provinces since the weekend, while Gauteng experienced high winds, out-of-season rainfall, and temperatures close to freezing.

Mario Ferreira, a resident in Magaliesburg, posted a video of a tornado touching down in the remote area on Monday afternoon at approximately 15h30.

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The video is just under a minute long, and Ferreira noted that the tornado touched down twice before he was able to begin recording.

Amin Hassam, who was at Koesterfontein Farm Glamping, Magaliesburg, shared a video on Facebook, showing the tornado touching down.

Hassam’s video can be found on Facebook.

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