Watch The Shameful Moment A President Is Booed By His People

sad President Zuma
Jacob Zuma
A president was left embarrassed and red-faced after his own people booed him in public following revelations that he used state funds to renovate his home.

President Jacob Zuma was found guilty of using state funds to renovate his home
President Jacob Zuma was booed on Thursday evening in Pretoria when he was leaving the council chambers where the National House of Traditional Leaders held a debate, New24 reports.
The drama took place at the Sammy Marks Square as crowds rushed to get a glimpse of the president but instead of the usual cheers he normally receives, some people booed him.
Waving to the crowd, Zuma received a mixture of cheers and booing from the crowd. The president kept his composure and continued waving until he got into his vehicle and was driven away.
This comes a week after the Constitutional Court ruled that Zuma had defied the Constitution when he chose to ignore the remedial actions by the Public Protector which required him to pay back a portion of taxpayer funds that were used for upgrades at his Nkandla homestead.
Zuma was found guilty of using state funds to renovate and upgrade his home.
Watch video below:

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