Unicef Reveals That South Africa Is The Worst Country To Raise Children

President Jacob Zuma once said, “Education enables people to move forward.” Zuma said that countries that did not focus on education were left behind. “Nations investing in education will always succeed and find a prosperous future,” he said.

Why would a president make such a bold statement and not focus on the real crisis? The crisis that South Africa is the worst country and the most dangerous place for children to live, under the current conditions. It has been 22 years of “democracy” and for the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) to release a damning report communicates the present day danger. A danger most people are aware of and one the government chooses to ignore. The government is not building the country; it is slowly tearing it down.

The UNICEF report recently revealed that South Africa is now rated as the worst country in the world to raise your children in. In yet another shocking example of how much South Africa has fallen under Jacob Zuma, it was revealed that 77 of every 100 000 children die at school in South Africa. The highest in the world. That’s higher than China, Russia, Ukraine, DRC, Somalia or Brazil.

The report listed that violence impacted on education. Fear and threats were a contribution for a large number of failures and children not seeking to continue receiving an education. Intimidation is a factor and bullies are the hoodlums that abuse the school system.

Another problem listed in the report was the dangerous routes children had to take to get to school. Often the children were forcefully distracted and recruited into criminal activities. Drugs is a major problem that the government chooses to ignore. Poor infrastructure, not enough schools, no text books, no education!

In the scathing report, Jacob Zuma was to blame for turning South Africa into one of the world’s worse countries. Education and health issues are not addressed by the government, yet the corruption that is openly managed is the indication of a failing system.

The report touched on the racism, intimidation and culture of violence against minorities in South Africa. A belief that these practices are nurtured by the ANC to keep voters distracted from the real situation.

The death toll for South African children was listed as the worst in the world with approximately 76 deaths per 100 000. While deaths of children in the United States was placed at 12 childern per 100000 die and this includes infanticide. It is shocking, and the government ignores the situation.

Zuma said, “nations that invest in education will succeed.” The question is why Zuma and his cabinet do not practice what they preach?

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