Unbelievable Health Benefits Of Cabbage Leaves (Must Read)

Cabbage is not only delicious vegetable served as salad or in other meal, but this plant has ability to help you in treating variety of diseases. Cabbage leaves have properties similar like magnet since they can pull out diseases from our bodies.

Putting Cabbage leaves on your legs, chest, forehead can help to cure the following diseases:


Do not take pill under the counter if you have unbearable headache. This type of headache can be do eyes problem, tiredness or excessive stress. How cabbage leaves can help here? Simple compress application of fresh cabbage leaves onto your temples and the upper part of the head will do the work. In order to keep the leaves in place put some kind of hat.

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Breastfeeding pain:

Since we know that during breastfeeding are not recommendable using medications using something to release you from the pain should be natural. If you experiencing strong pain in your breasts, just use fresh cabbage leaves as compress and the pain will go away.

Thyroid Gland

This gland has important role in the body. It’s important for the growth, proper function of the metabolism and the function of the organs in the digestive system. Cabbage leaves can help you to maintain or restore the normal functioning of the gland. Apply a compress onto the throat where the gland is located before going to bed. Remove the cabbage leaves next morning.

Swelling caused by traumas

Cabbage leaves can help you to heal the swollen area after you have hit your hand or leg. Wrap the area with cabbage leaves and tighten with a bandage. This treatment works if you have hurt ankle or swollen legs. Sleep with the compress for the best results.

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