The Ugliest Animals In The World

Chinese Crested Dog

ugliest animals
Chinese Crested Dog is a type of hairless dogs. It commonly measures less than 33 cm in height and looks like a toy dog with an ugly appearance. They can read human moods and are notorious of remaining in bed for hours without moving a muscle. They have almost no wish to go out and run around like usual dogs, but they are vigorous enough to jump unexpectedly tall barriers and compete in readiness. Chinese Crested dogs are profoundly social and very united within their group.

Turkey Vulture

ugliest animals
The worst thing about Turkey Vultures is their facial features, which only a mother could adore. Its among the ugliest animals on our planet. When you look at those knife-like eyes, their bald head and wrinkled neck is enough to make you flinch. These birds travel thermals in the sky and use their sharp sense of smell to find fresh corpses. It flies low to the ground to pick up the smell of dead creatures.

Proboscis Monkey

ugliest animals
This long-nosed monkey is found in the South East Asian island of Borneo. Its obtrude nose makes this rare living thing easily identifiable. These monkeys are born with a blue face and a small nose. The face color changes and the nose become bigger and bigger making them look uglier. These Proboscis Monkeys survive mainly on leaves, seeds, and raw fruits, but they sometimes eat insects too. For more than 40 years, Proboscis Monkeys populations have dropped. They are presently protected and listed among endangered species.


ugliest animals
It is a type of pig which is apparently also the ugliest animals one can ever find. It has broad, flat head and toughened snout.  They are mostly bald, but they do have some thin hair and thicker curls on their backs. When Warthog males clash, they smash together head-to-head in an attempt to bash each other. They mainly eat plants and grass and use their snout to dig out roots. They are unexpectedly fast when they feel threatened.

Warthog can run up to 48 kilometers in an hour. They can live long without water in dry weather. When water is available, they cool down themselves in it. They like insects. Birds help them fight with woodpeckers and other species.


Source – wonderslist


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