Trevor Noah Compares Donald Trump To Jacob Zuma [Video]

Donald Trump and Jacob Zuma are presidents of two very different countries, but Trevor Noah thinks they have a lot in common

The comedian stopped by the The Late Show with Stephen Colber’ recently, and the pair talked American politics.

When Stephen asked The Daily Show” host if South Africa has ever had anybody like President Trump, Trevor had this to say.

“Donald Trump is so different that I don’t know I can definitively say that we’ve had or not had a Donald Trump. He reminds me of African dictators but I don’t know for certain if we have had one. He loves himself, he believes that only he can fix the problems, he speaks in the third person,” Trevor said.

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But there is one person he thinks has a lot of similarities with President Trump, South African president Jacob Zuma

“My president is currently embroiled in a scandal where his family has been using their ties to the presidency to make money. So, I don’t know if that rings a bell,” he teased.

Trevor was not done.

“What else? He had a few issues before he became president with sexual harassment. He’s friends with Vladimir Putin,” Trevor continued.

Watch the video below to see what else he had to say about Donald Trump, Jacob Zuma and African dictators.

Watch video below:


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