So Touching!! Zoleka Mandela Rewrite Her Story In 2017 (Must Read)

Despite her turbulent past Zoleka has stepped into the new year with hope, and continues to change her life for the better.

In a lengthy social media post, Zoleka took a trip down memory lane, to reveal that she had registered to complete her degree after dropping out in 2007.

Zoleka also explained that her grandmother, Winnie Madikizela-Mandela, who she fondly refers to as her ‘day one’ could not contain her excitement over the news.

“I can’t begin to explain the excitement in my day one’s voice when I called to tell her that I finally registered at Unisa yesterday. I’m going to complete my degree and not wait for another grandparent or child of mine to leave this earth before I graduate,” she said.

Zoleka was studying towards a Bachelor of Psychology degree at the Midrand Graduate Institute.

“I never attended classes and instead chose the very things that made 2007 another year where I would waste the monies spent on my education – boys, sex, cocaine and alcohol! No, there was a whole lot of weed and ecstasy too,” she said.

Zoleka added that she regrets wasting all the money that was intended for her education.

“It breaks my heart thinking about the time, energy and money I squandered that my day one (her grandmother) spent for seven years to ensure that I get my degree. I think it still pains her to this day and I’m remembering how my late grandfather asked that I please get my first degree in South Africa and to then further my studies anywhere in the world at his expense,” she added.

Even though the past still hurts her, Zoleka advised fans that it is never too late to “rewrite your story”.

“My grandmother wants to pay for my education again but I won’t let her, I paid all my fees for this year alone with my own money. That makes me feel proud, it’s long overdue and I probably should feel humiliated that at 36yrs … I still don’t have a degree but it’s never too late to rewrite your life story or apply to study,” she said.

Zoleka, who has been alcohol and drug free for the past six years, used cocaine for more than ten years on and off until a tragic car accident claimed the life of her daughter, Zenani on 11 June 2010.

Shattered by the death of her daughter, Zoleka decided to get help and change her life around. Then, in 2012, Zoleka was diagnosed with breast cancer, and after being in remission for four years, the cancer returned last year.

She has openly documented her battle with her weight on her social media platforms.


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