Top Schools In Claremont And Newlands, South Africa

There are a number of really top schools in Newlands and Claremont, both public and private, from which to choose.

These schools have maintained an excellent reputation over the past decades, and I would have no hesitation placing a child in any of these schools.


They have a strong tradition and sense of place of their history and have delivered consistently all round results and well balanced students year after year.


Public Schools in Newlands


South African College Schools

SACS (South African College Schools). Primary and High School. Boys only. Located in Dean Street Newlands.

The South African College High School seeks to promote excellence within an all-round education; to prepare boys to play a constructive role as compassionate, thinking individuals in society.


The school is considered as good as its private counterpart Bishops (Diocesan College).


Westerford School, Newlands

Westerford High School

Westerford High School. Newlands. Co-Ed (ie boys and girls). There are 900 pupils in the school with maximum class sizes of 35 (often the class size is much smaller).


Grove Primary School

Grove Primary School. The school is widely known for its progressive and innovative position in South African education. The staff is highly qualified and experienced, and interacts with different sectors of the South African educational community.


Sans Souci Girls High School

Sans Souci Girls High. Claremont/Newlands border.

Sans Souci fosters the sort of relationships which are so necessary for optimal development during the high school phase.

As a smaller school, there are many more opportunities for leadership, especially in the higher grades.


Private Schools in Claremont

Herschel Girls School

Herschel Girls. Claremont. Primary and High School.

Herschel continues to set the pace academically, culturally and in sport, turning out confident, capable young women in the best tradition of its 85-year history as one of South Africa’s leading independent schools.

Source: my-cape-town-south-africa



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