Top Cars In South Africa As Voted By Women


Female targeted magazine title, Women on Wheels (WOW) has revealed its list of top cars in South Africa as voted by women.

Hyundai Tucson was selected by a panel of judges to be the ‘Car of the Year’ while the Range Rover Sport sealed the Reader’s Choice Award.

More than 120 finalists were separated into 11 categories.

Cars were also voted for by the all-woman judging panel which included WOW editor, Juliet McGuire, and 9 other motoring journalists.

“Judges voted based on things such as good value for money, practicality, comfort, and performance,” said Juliet McGuire.

The 10 judges voted for cars in each category via a point system and the car with the highest number of votes was then crowned the winner of that category. Judges were then asked to vote for their overall car of the year.

The Hyundai Tucson took top honours due to its affordability, practicality and overall value for money.

WOW readers were able to vote for their favourite cars online (2,808 entries were received with 2,383 Unique Entries) and their votes were counted to determine the winner in each category.

WOW 2016 winners – Judges vote:

Category Car
Budget buy Kia Picanto
Hatchback Audi A3
Family Sedan Audi A4
Luxury sedan BMW 7 Series
Multi-purpose vehicle Kia Sedona
Green car Volvo XC90 T8
Compact Crossover/SUV Hyundai Tucson
Large Crossover/SUV Volvo XC90
Convertible Mazda MX-5
Lifestyle Bakkies Ford Ranger
Sports Car Ford Mustang

WOW 2016 winners – Reader’s choice awards:

Category Car
Budget buy Volkswagen Polo
Hatchback Mercedes-Benz A-Class
Family Sedan Audi A4
Luxury sedan Mercedes-Benz S-Class
Multi-purpose vehicle Mercedes-Benz V-Class
Green car BMW i8
Compact Crossover/SUV Mercedes-Benz GLC
Large Crossover/SUV Range Rover Sport
Convertible Ferrari 488 Spider
Lifestyle Bakkies Toyota Hilux
Sports Car Ford Mustang



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