Top 4 Online Courses To Improve Your CV Writing Skills

As we all know that writing and editing CV to perfection is no easy task. Why should you have to spend countless hours and energy trying to make your CV look great?

Especially if you’re not in the business of web designing, crafting a CV that looks impressive and sells your great standout points can be a challenge. But have no fear – that’s what short online courses are for. Udemy, a global learning marketplace, has provided online courses to tackle all your CV writing challenges.

1. Learn to create unique resume | CV templates

Course price: R1006

These days there are many people who are making money by designing and selling CV templates. These templates are sold worldwide and what’s better, they’re downloadable from anywhere.

In this course you’ll learn how to create a CV template from scratch based on a CV template that has sold over 9000 copies! At the end of the course you’ll have a sound knowledge of building CV templates that aren’t only creative, but will also land your CV in front of recruiters’ doors.

2. SEO Your Resume: Bypass HR with Keyword Optimization

Course price: Free

“SEO-proof your CV and give your CV that extra competitive edge!”

Did you know that of the 100 CVs submitted online, only 2% are seen by recruiters? This means that if your CV is not optimized for the internet, chances are you make part of the 98% of CVs which are never seen.

The SEO your Resume course will teach you how to optimize your CV by using SEO techniques. This will elevate your job application success rate and more importantly, increase your chances of landing that initial interview with HR.


3. English Grammar: Apostrophe Beginner to Apostrophe Expert

Course price: R402

If there’s one thing that employers judge you on, it’s your grammar and spelling. This includes learning how to use the apostrophe. But this needn’t be a challenge when you have an instructor you can make the learning process clear, easy to learn and fun.

This course will start you off by teaching you how to master the two main uses of the apostrophe, and build up your knowledge from there.


4. How to Create a Personal Academic Website

Course price: Free

It’s no secret – having your own personal website you can create your online CV with a portfolio of all your work and send it to different job portals. In this course, you’ll get a step-by-step guide on how to create a personal academic website. You’ll also be able to build an academic website in approximately 10 minutes – from start to finish!

Udemy is on a mission to help you build and maintain the life and career you imagine. Browse thousands of courses to help you advance your career and personal growth.


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