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Top 25 Jobs In South Africa

Prof Hoosen Rasool, from the South African Department of Higher Education and Training, has released a Draft Discussion Document for Advisory Group regarding the Top 100 Occupations in High Demand  List.

You’d be surprised to notice – not – that the top skills all require maths and science. No wonder South Africa has a skills shortage in these professions! Most Blacks can’t do maths or science… actually, they can’t do much apart from drinking, doing crime and making babies. 

Posted Is The Top 25 Jobs Listed Below

1 Electrical Engineer

2 Civil Engineer

3 Mechanical Engineer

4 Quantity Surveyor

5 Project Manager

6 Finance Manager; Physical & Engineering Science Technicians*

8 Industrial and Production Engineers* ; Electrician

10 Chemical Engineer

1 Construction Project Manager

12 Mining Engineer; Accountant (General)

14 Energy Engineer

15 Materials Engineer

16 Electronics Engineer

17 Metallurgical Engineer

18 Medical Superintendent / Public Health Manager; Telecommunications Engineers*

20 Energy Engineering Technologist; Millwright

22 Public Health Physician

23 Nursing Professionals*

24 Registered Nurse (child and family health)

25 General Medical Practitioner; Veterinarian

On the other hand, how many hundreds of thousands – if not millions – of skilled Whites have fled the country for greener, safer pastures, mostly due to the crime and those exact same exclusion policies for their children? 


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