Top 20 Female Bloggers in South Africa

Given blogging is such a big deal at the moment, I couldn’t resist putting together this blog post on the Top 20 Female Bloggers in South Africa (other than myself of course :P). These women are very well known in the blogging community and given their popularity, I’m sure we can all learn a thing or 2 about these lovely ladies!

I’ve included links to their Twitter profiles and websites to help you get to know them a little better AND I have included what blogging platform they are using in case you are thinking of starting your own blog and are still deciding what to run it on.

Please Note:

  • These have not be done in ANY particular order.
  • Top bloggers listed below are based on various aspect in research me and my team has done – includes Twitter popularity, Social Media, general media coverage, aggregators, search engine rankings and general popularity.
Mandy de Waal
Writer. Thought Activist. Journalist.
Twitter: @mandyldewaal
Blog System: Typepad
Eve Dmochowska
Web strategist, Internet addict.
Twitter: @EveD
Blog System: WordPress
Glen and Wanda Coustas
Environmental activists.
Twitter: @urbansprout
Blog System: Drupal
Sarah Britten
Communication strategist, brand ambassador for Land Rover, writer of books, painter of pictures with lipstick, experiencer of existential crises.
Twitter: @Anatinus
Blog System: WordPress
Sam Wilson
Digital content chick at Woolworths, but tweeting for myself. Obviously. Big believer in the power of the piñata.
Twitter: @SamWilson1
Blog System: WordPress
Tertia Albertyn
Mother, author, blogger and baby-maker. The Queen of Everything.
Twitter: @Tertia
Blog System: Typepad
Vanessa Raphaely
Editorial Director of Cosmopolitan SA and editorial director of Associated Magazines.
Twitter: @hurricanevaness
Blog System: WordPress
Alex van Tonder
Blogger for of all kinds of creativity including beauty, fashion, writing, movies, music and art, as seen from under a rock called Table Mountain.
Twitter: @CapeTown_Girl
Blog System: WordPress
Dawn Jorgensen
Traveller Writer Photograph at The Incidental Tourist. Dream holiday maker. Co-spirit at JD7. Anti-Seal Cull Activist. Best friend to Tuscan and Dakota Storm.
Twitter: @DawnJorgensen
Blog System: Tumblr
Tamaryn Watkins
ExMi can make the most unmaternal woman think being a mom is cool. Swearing like a trooper and being hilariously honest is her forte.
Twitter: @ExMi
Blog System: WordPress
Kim Gray
Fashion, decor, beauty and lifestyle blogger, lover of beautiful things…
Twitter: @kimgray
Blog System: WordPress
Milisuthando Bongela
Journalist, Trend Observer, Fashion Commentator, Artist Promoter and Blogger.
Twitter: @missmillib
Blog System: Blogger
Natalie Roos
Cat lady (in a creepy way) Avid amateur swimmer. Wine obsessive. Keen on oysters.
Twitter: @NatalieRoos
Blog System: Blogger
Jen Thorpe
Feminist, Writer, researcher.
Twitter: @Jen_Thorpe
Blog System: WordPress
Brand Slut
Commentary on advertising, branding and cool new products, with a dash of tech and a touch of food.
Twitter: @brandslut_
Blog System: WordPress
Diane Moss
Miss Moss posts an eclectic collection of classic photography, art and illustration, quirky objects and original design.
Twitter: @miss_moss
Blog System: WordPress
Janine Garner
This blog is full of pretty girly things and kind words, from bunny heart-shaped necklaces to beautiful Gossip Girl dresses.
Twitter: @BeingBrazen
Blog System: Blogger
Heather Moore
I am an illustrator and designer from Cape Town, South Africa, with a design label called Skinny laMinx
Twitter: @skinnylaminx
Blog System: WordPress
Vicky Sleet
Editor, writer & stylist – a blog that showcases interesting people in the decor, design, arts, food and creative world (both in South Africa and abroad) and the things they do.
Twitter: @iwantthatnow
Blog System: WordPress
Angie Durrant Batis
One of South Africa’s most relevant and popular lifestyle blogs.
Twitter: @miss_luckypony
Blog System: WordPress

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