Top 10 Most Expensive Day Schools In South Africa In 2015.

Fees increase to more than what most South African’s earn in a year.

he two most expensive schools in South Africa are boarding schools, making it obvious that the total fees are higher than other schools.

With the exception of Hilton College and Michaelhouse (which rank at the top of the most expensive boarding schools division), Kearsney College currently sits at the top of South Africa’s most expensive school fees for 2016.

Here are the top 10 most expensive day schools in South Africa for 2015.

1. Kearsney College (KZN) –R134 800

2. St Johns (Johannesburg) –R115 067

3. St Martins (Johannesburg) –R112 000

4. Roedean School for Girls (Johannesburg) –R107 670

5. Bishops (Cape Town) –R105 520

6. St Stithians (Sandton) –R104 770

7. St Alban’s College (Pretoria) –R102 900

8. St Andrew’s School for Girls (Johannesburg) –R102 400

9. St Mary’s School Waverly-R100 650

10. St Mary’s DSG (KZN) –R92 440

source: Parent24

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