Top 10 Highest Paid Jobs in South Africa


If you’re just finishing school and you want to make it rain in a few years, you might want to consider studying something that’ll help you land a job in one of these sectors.

Every year, at least twice a year, jobs portal CareerJunction releases “salary trends” which shows the average salaries across ten sectors in South Africa… and depending in which industry you work, these will make you weep.

There are a few things to consider with the data, though. The salaries are listed as a range meaning it does not take into account where applicants live, what their experience and skill levels are. It also does not take into consideration the various pay gaps that exist in the working world.

Still, these will give you a rough overview of top-paying jobs across ten different sectors in South Africa. And if you haven’t got a clue what most of these people do… we’ve tried to break it down for you… in a totally non-serious way.

  1. Category: Admin and office jobs

Job: Health, safety and environment

Salary: R30 143

What is it? From what we can gather, this is a pretty varied job title which can be anything from an “Occupational Hygiene Officer” to a “SHEQ Practitioner”. Sounds fancy.

  1. Category: Building and construction

Job: Civil engineer

Salary: R64 321

What is it? These guys build everything from roads to airports, bridges, tunnels and all sorts of other complicated things you’ll never get done with Lego.

  1. Category: Design, Media and ArtsJob: Web design/Multimedia/3D design

Salary: R34 056

What is it? Another fairly broad category which can include anything from making pretty websites do make pretty pictures.

  1. Category: Engineering and Architecture

Job: Civil/Structural Engineers

Salary:  R62 637

What is it? As already mentioned, these folks build fancy things.

  1. Category: Finance

Job: Corporate lending

Salary: R73 650

What is it? They work with big sums of money. Which is probably why they earn such a big sum of money.

  1. Category: Information and communication tech

Job: Technical and business architecture

Salary:  R62 337

What is it? Another fairly broad category judging by the search on CareerJunction, but could be anything from a mobile app developer to somebody who turns things off and on.

  1. Category: Manufacturing and assembly

Job: Process control

Salary: R30 125

What is it? Controls processes, duh.

  1. Category: Marketing

Job: Communications and public relations

Salary: R40 982

What is it? Tells people stuff they didn’t know they wanted to hear.

  1. Category: Sales

Job: Account management

Salary: R32 708

What is it? Shouts at people often to make sure things are running smoothly.

  1. Category: Warehousing and logistics

Job: Logistics managers

Salary: R35 325

What is it? Manages logistics, obvs.


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