Top 10 Most Generous Countries In Africa. South Africa’s Position Will Thrill You!


Africans are generous in some many ways, the help the needy, the donate items to poor nations, the help strangers and other donate freely to charity. This indicates that Africa is a generous continent ans the appreciate community based assistance.

This list of top 10 most generous countries in Africa was created by a UK based internet company named Africa Ranker.

See list below:

1. Kenya:

Helping strangers: 67
Donating money: 43
Volunteering time: 37
Kenya is ranked number one in Africa and fifteen in the world. Kenyas are amiable and hospitable.

2. Nigeria:

Helping strangers: 63
Donating Money: 29
Volunteering time:41

Nigeria came in second, ranking 21 globally.

3. South Africa

Helping strangers: 64
Donating money: 23
Volunteering time: 33

South Africans are very polite and hospitable. South African Billionaires are amongst the world’s most generous philanthropist, giving both their time and money to charitable causes.

4. Uganda

Helping strangers: 68
Donating money: 22
Volunteering time: 30
Uganda comes behind Nigeria and South Africa in the world ranking and they love to help strangers happily.

5. Guinea

Helping strangers: 62
Donating money: 26
Volunteering time: 30

In this West African country almost 62% of the population is willing to help strangers.

6. Liberia:

Helping strangers: 73
Donating money: 7
Volunteering time: 34

85 percent of the population of Liberia live below the poverty line but they are still willing to help strangers.

7. Zambia

Helping strangers: 71
Donating money: 10
Volunteering time: 30

Over 71 percent of Zambians are willing to help strangers without thinking.

8. Ghana

Helping strangers: 61
Donating money: 16
Volunteering time: 26

Ghanaian’s are polite, hospitable and they are very popular for their generosity to visitors. They greet their guest with food and drinks.

9. Sierra Leone

Helping strangers 63
Donating money: 10
Volunteering time: 29

People of Sierra leone are extremely polite and they rank high in helping strangers.

10. Malawi

Helping strangers: 58
Donating money: 20
Volunteering time: 23


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