Top 10 Best-Selling Cars: Vivo Remains Top-Seller In May

Vivo remains top-seller in May

Despite a decline in the overall vehicle market, the Volkswagen Polo Vivo retained its spot as South Africa’s best-selling passenger car.

The Vivo’s sibling, the Polo, gave up second place to the Toyota Corolla/Auris/Quest.

Commenting on the month’s sales, Naamsa said: “The May 2017 new car market at 26 317 units reflected a fall of 663 cars or a decline of 2.5% compared to the 26 980 new cars sold in May last year. The car rental Industry had accounted for an estimated 7.2% of new car sales in May 2017.”

In total, May 2017 aggregate new vehicle sales at 41 783 units had decreased by 1129 units or 2.6% from the 42 912 vehicles sold in May last year.

Overall, out of the total reported Industry sales of 41 783 vehicles, an estimated 37 686 units or 90.2% represented dealer sales, 5.1% represented sales to the vehicle rental Industry, 3.2% to Industry corporate fleets and 1.5% to government.

1. Volkswagen Polo Vivo 1955 Cars

Image result for volkswagen polo vivo

2. Toyota Corolla Auris/Quest 1415 Cars

Image result for toyota corolla auris/quest

3. Volkswagen Polo 1376 Cars

Image result for volkswagen polo

4. Toyota Fortuner 1246 Cars

Image result for toyota fortuner

5. Toyota Etios 773 Cars

Image result for toyota etios

6. Renault Kwid 738 Cars

Image result for renault kwid

7. Volkswagen Golf 7 618 Cars

Image result for volkswagen golf 7

8. Ford EcoSpot 603 Cars

Image result for ford ecosport

9. Opel Astra 522 Cars

Image result for opel astra

10. Toyota Rav4 520 Cars

Image result for toyota rav4


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