Tired Of Looking For That Dream Job?! See The Simple Yet Silly Mistakes You Have Been Making All Along..

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You become more glued to your phone so as not to miss any call and your email is always the first thing you check in the morning and before going to bed. Most frustrating is the fact that you knew you ought to ask some questions in a job interview which you rightly did.

Funny enough, unless you have an inside connection in the company, you probably might never know why you were never contacted but for those who didn’t, here are five solid reasons on why you never heard back from the

1. Mistakes in your Resume:

There is no greater turn-off to an interviewer than a mistake-riddled CV/resume. No employer wants to place responsibility into the hands of an employee who can’t even write a document about themselves without mistakes.

No doubt, your CV must first create an impression to the recruiter before you are even called up for an interview. If you know pointing to details is one of your weak points, it’s advisable to proof-read it well before the final submission or you get someone to do it for

2. The Interviewers/Recruiters Haven’t Made Up Their Minds:

Getting back to potential employees can be a daunting task to recruiters/interviews especially when all the candidates for the post all seemed to be qualified. When this is the case, be sure that the recruiters are still in doubt about the best person for the job.

3. You are simply not Qualified:

Long term job search can force you to churn out sporadic CVs and resumes to positions you are not qualified for. Doing this won’t help you at all rather you can channel your energy on things you can be doing if you are unemployed

4. Poor Interview Skills:

Your CV/Resume is an award-winning one. And so what? (Paying a professional copy writer to write or edit it for you is as simple as ABC. I am not saying it’s wrong.

I encourage it as long as it will land you an interview). Know this, the words on the paper is not enough to land you the job the words coming out of your mouth are riddled with grammatical blunders While slang in an interview is a total no-no, try as much as possible to avoid the use of ” yeah”, ” eh eh. (you would simply be perceived as not being confident and tenable to lying). This alone is enough to turn your Interviewer(s) off and make the whole interview process boring.

5. Your Social Media Speaks Bad About You:

This might be Strange to you. Recruiters are simply adopting ”ridiculous” means daily to disqualify applicants especially when there are two qualified candidates for a single post.

A background check on your social media profile might be all the employer need to decide hiring you or not. From your LinkedIn, Facebook account to Twitter, always maintain some levels of professionalism. Using a female picture as your Display Picture when you are a male is darm unprofessional as a job seekers. You probably don’t know who is watching.

6. Your Appearance is off the Hook:

While a first impression goes a long way in endearing you to your potential employer(s) the truth remains that recruiters are continuously judging a book by its cover daily.

Even though we castigate recruiters who do not do enough to see the potentials of those they are interviewing due to their shady appearance, as an applicant, try as much as possible to keep in touch with the fashion trends of your day. An eighteenth century dressing mode in this age is enough to shut the door against you.



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