Three Years Ago This Woman Penned A Letter To Zuma – She Finally Got A Response


The community of Eldorado Park has a councillor candidate personally endorsed by President Jacob Zuma.

Zuma was addressing the residents of Eldorado Park at a community meeting on Thursday when he acknowledged Dereleen James‚ the area’s councillor candidate.

James three years ago penned a letter to Zuma asking him to assist the community with the drug abuse problem taking over the community.

Zuma responded by paying the community a visit.

“I thought to myself how lucky the people of Eldorado Park are to have a councillor like you. If I could use my vote to make you councillor I would vote for you‚” Zuma said.

James said she had no interest in becoming a councillor‚ but in the three years since writing a letter to Zuma‚ she had seen the need to assist her community. “I was never politicised before but after the support I received from the City of Johannesburg when I was helping my son fight his [drug ] addiction I realised I could do a lot more as a councillor to help my community‚” James said.

Earlier Zuma had visited houses in the community and listened to their problems. Zuma was impressed by the innovations used to provide residents of informal settlements with electricity.

“I’m happy to see that Eldorado Park is in a better place than when I last visited. The use of solar power to light up the informal settlements has been so innovative‚ that I want a national roll out‚” Zuma said.

He also urged voters to use their votes wisely in the coming local elections.

“The [African National Congress ] is in government‚ it has programmes to implement [whilst ] others don’t and they are not about to win. Yes they can win one or two places in local government. But if you want your vote to count vote ANC‚” Zuma said to cheers in the packed hall.


Source: Times Live


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