Three Ways Digital Marketing Can Help Your Healthcare Business

If you provide healthcare services, there are some key statistics you should be aware of that are changing the landscape of patient care.

More and more people are coming online to research and make buying decisions. This includes deciding which local hospital to get treatment and access to care.

For example global statistics show that:

* 72% of internet users said that within the past year, they used online search to find health information.

* 77% of these individuals said that the way they searched for health information was by using popular Search Engines

* 31% of mobile phone owners, and 52% of smartphone owners, use their mobile devices to search for health information.

* 1 out of every 5 internet users has considered online reviews and rankings of healthcare providers before deciding which one to call.

Here are 3 ways Digital Marketing can help grow your healthcare or Hospital Business.

1. Be there when they need you:

Digital Marketing using Search Engine Optimisation can bring you close to a potential customer when they really need your services, i.e. when they are searching. Since most people have access to the internet to research, ask questions, explore or simply find your location. Digital marketing provides the opportunity to help them with the information they need when they need it. One Digital Marketing Strategy that makes this happen is Search Engine Optimisation.

2. Get more visits to your practice:

When more patients come to your practice, you have a better chance of running a profitable business. This is why Digital Marketing is an important investment for your hospital or healthcare practice. Using Social Media, creating content and having a website that is optimised to capture leads, you will get a continuous stream of patients looking for your services, position yourself as a trusted authority and give them the confidence they need to visit your practice. RDM’s Web Development Service utilises industry best practice including easy navigation, clear call to action and accessible information to create your company website.

3. Creatively treat patients better:

While Digital Marketing can be awesome in generating leads for your organisation, as a healthcare provider, Digital Marketing can be an integral part in caring better for your patients. Using Social Media Marketing, such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, the clinic can disseminate useful information to their clients including healthcare programs or campaigns such as ‘free healthcare screening’ ‘immunisation days for babies’, ‘community projects’ and many more initiatives. This keeps current customers and potential ones in the loop of different initiatives by the clinic.  Here’s a sample Social Media Post from a clinic in Lagos.


Print ads, billboards and signposts are not sufficient anymore. In the new digitalised world, there is a growing potential for healthcare providers to grow faster, care better and create a vibrant community around their business using Digital Marketing.

source: pulse.ng


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