The Most Beautiful and Least Practical Hair Trend For Girls

What’s not to love about glitter? It’s pretty, it’s sparkly and it instantly glams up anything it comes in contact with… But removing it from your nails, your clothes, your makeup brushes and yourself is actual hell. So imagine having to wash it out of your hair and roots? An obvious disaster but these women don’t seem to care as glitter-bombing your roots is the cool thing to do now – literally dumping a crazy amount of pink, blue, silver and gold glitter onto your scalp because, why not?

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glitter roots

glitter roots

glitter roots

There are two options:

Delicate, light sprinkles of glitter along your roots…

glitter roots

…Or, I just let an extra-sparkly glitter bomb explode on my head.

glitter roots

Honestly, we think it’s a really pretty and whimsical hair trend – it kind of looks like something Gwen Stefani would’ve worn in the ’90s with her blue-tinted hair. But in terms of practicality, glitter roots will probably get a zero.

glitter roots

glitter roots

glitter roots

Imagine having to spend hours getting multicoloured sparkles out of your hair? Ain’t nobody got time for that.


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