The Importance Of Vitamin C On Your Skin


If you are concerned with Aging gracefully, then you need to be sure you have a lot of Vitamin C in your beauty/skincare regimen.

Vitamin C can be used in three amazing ways in the fight against aging.

Vitamin C can be used to:

  •  eliminate age spots
  •  fight wrinkles
  •  prevent sagging skin


AGE SPOTS ELIMINATION: Vitamin C which is largely found in lemon juice contains citric acid. Citric acid has been proven to be a great agent in the fight against aging, and the best way of getting desired results using lemon juice is to dab the juice generously on the area of the face daily where the spots are. It also helps if citrus fruits are consumed daily in the fight against age spots.

AS AN ANTI WRINKLE REMEDY: Wrinkles are folds on the face that happen as a result of aging and the breakdown of collagen. Collagen, a tissue that keeps skin layers together wears out gradually and causes most part of the face to lose its shape and beauty. Collagen can be replenished with an essential dose of vitamin C found in citrus fruits such as oranges, pineapples, cranberries and papaya. Vitamin C should be incorporated into our daily meals; snacks should be spiced up with fruits as well in order to get the desired dose of vitamin C. Here’s a healthy tip: Try adding Pineapple to your salad for a tangy but delicious taste!

PREVENTION OF SAGGING SKIN: What causes sagging skin? Besides the breakdown of the collagen tissue, skin can sag as a result of burns, hereditary/genetic factors and general old age. Due to the level of collagen in citrus fruits, it helps in preventing the physical appearance of the skin sagging. To help fix this physical deterioration of the skin, Vitamin C can be applied topically through the use of Vitamin C serums or moisturizers and toners that contain Vitamin C.

Importance of vitamin C in our daily lives is inevitable as this also helps in boosting our immune system, which helps in fighting against infections such as common cold, preventing diseases like scurvy and freshening our skin. Vitamin C helps in renewing sun damaged skin, inflammated body parts , and stops skin irritation permanently. In the case of accidents and injuries, vitamin C intake helps to make the natural healing process faster. Vitamin C is also used in growing hair rapidly, replacing lost hair in little or no time at all. Dieticians have also found out that vitamin C helps a great deal in weight loss.

Vitamin C can be derived from dietary supplements in the form of tablets, capsules, or syrups. Most beauty companies now incorporate vitamin C into their products, you tend to find creams, moisturizers, toners, lipstick, lip balms and other beauty products having a great deal of vitamin C in them due to its importance.

Smoking lowers the absorption of vitamin C so smokers have a higher risk of vitamin C deficiency. Vitamin C in our foods can be lost by over steaming and over cooking our meals, foods rich in vitamin C should not be cooked for too long.

Unhealthy drinks should be replaced with freshly made vitamin C enriched juices.



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