The Importance Of Omega 3

Get the low down on Omega 3 and why you need it

When it comes to fat, you don’t want to cut back on Omega 3. It is an extremely important fat that offers many benefits to your overall health. You can find two important types of Omega 3, EPA and DHA, in certain fish, and another type, ALA, in plant sources like nuts and seeds.

Here are some reasons why you should include a high daily dose of good quality Omega 3 in your diet:

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Improves heart health
In an American study it was reported that men who ate fish once or more every week (compared to men who ate fish less than once a month) had a 50% lower risk of dying from a sudden cardiac event.

Reduces symptoms of osteoarthritis and relieves joint pain
Omega 3 acts as a natural anti-inflammatory and counteracts inflammation, curbing stiffness and joint pain. Studies have also shown that it acts as an anti-arrhythmic, anti-thrombotic and anti-atherosclerotic.

Helps fight depression
Some studies have shown that cultures that eat foods with high levels of Omega 3 have lower levels of depression. It also seems to boost the effectiveness of anti-depressants.

Improves your child’s learning and behaviour
In a study published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, children who consumed an Omega 3 supplement as infants perform better on vocabulary, rule learning and intelligent testing between the ages of three and five. It was also determined in a previous study that children with ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) and related behaviour or learning disabilities were more likely to have low Omega 3 fat levels. More research is needed in this area, however, and an Omega 3 supplement should not be used as a primary treatment for such conditions.

A few other benefits
Omega 3 offers so many benefits, but a few more to mention are: it reduces the signs of ageing, improves fat burning, boosts cognitive function and memory, and improves bone health.

Source: Destinyconnect

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