The Best Street Food in Cape Town,South Africa

Stunning beaches, gorgeous vineyards and the spectacular Table Mountain – Cape Town is a beautiful city and a melting pot of cultures. One result of this is its fascinating food scene, a fusion of flavors and dishes from all over the world. Nowhere is its experimentation and excitement so evident as in the city’s food trucks. We take a look at 7 of the best places to taste Cape Town’s unique culture.

Tuna Panini | © inazakira/Flickr
Tuna Panini | © inazakira/Flickr


One of the first food trucks in the city, Limoncello exudes charm wherever it goes. Run by Naples-born chef Luca Castiglione, who owned a popular restaurant of the same name, this delightful little truck can be seen at various food festivals and major events throughout the city. As the name suggests, it serves tasty Italian fare, from pizza and calzone, to seasonal wonders such as artichoke risotto, melanzane parmigiana, and yellow fin tuna Panini. But get in quickly, Limoncello has become a crowd favourite wherever it goes.

Price: Mid-range

Watch out for: Cheesy calzones

Find out where their truck is by checking out their Facebook page +27 82 218 7252

Mmmm Mac & Cheese - Day 273/365 | © Steven Guzzardi/Flickr
Mmmm Mac & Cheese – Day 273/365 | © Steven Guzzardi/Flickr

Cafeteria Guerilla Gastronomica

An old trailer converted into a funky-retro food truck, this pop-up food truck is a complete bundle of joy. They serve warm meaty and vegetarian stews and soups in winter and lighter salads, sandwiches and wraps in summer. You can visit them every Saturday at the Neighbourhoods market at the Old Biscuit Mill. If you do, make sure you try the pan-fried macaroni with smoked bacon, warm oatmeal with stewed fruit and almonds, or slow-roast leg of lamb and malva pudding.

Price: Budget to Mid-range

Watch out for: Pan fried macaroni and cheese

373 Albert Rd, Woodstock, Cape Town, South Africa +27 72 126 2153

Satay Chicken Recipe | © Mathew Packer/Flickr
Satay Chicken Recipe | © Mathew Packer/Flickr

Lotus Food Truck

If you’re craving comfy and tasty Asian food in Cape Town, then Lotus Food Truck is the answer. The menu is made up of contemporary Asian street food, such as satays and beef short rib. The truck can be located at the major festivals and Cape Town events, but every Wednesday, it is parked off the Vineyard Oval Market in Newlands.

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Price: Mid-range

Watch out for: Broiled organic chicken, served with mango salsa and yellow coconut rice.

You can follow their progress on their Facebook page +27 72 128 6752

IMG_1711 | © Charlie Boy Criscola/Flickr
IMG_1711 | © Charlie Boy Criscola/Flickr

Earthfire Pizza

Specializing in freshly made delicious pizzas, Earthfire Pizza offers high-quality gourmet food, fast. Using their ceramic ovens, this food trucks serves delicious thin-crust pizzas with tasty toppings like parma ham, chorizo, basil pesto, and olives.

Price: Budget to Mid-range

Watch out for: Delicious pizza toppings

Find them at Root 44 market or follow their Facebook page +27 72 176 1727

Saturday Samosas | © David Goehring/Flickr
Saturday Samosas | © David Goehring/Flickr

Durban’s Finest Curry

An export of the city of Durban, this food truck zips around Cape Town all week and is the best place to savour some terrific and tasty curry dishes. The menu offers dishes like bunny chow, samosas, crayfish and prawn curry. It’s spicy, delicious and worth every bite.

Price: Budget to Mid-range

Watch out for: Samosas

Check their Facebook page for their weekly pit stops. +27 21 462 6129

Die Wors-Rol

Run by award-winning chef, Bertus Basson, Die Wors-Rol is famous for just one thing – Betsie, a gourmet wors rol (hot dog). Why should you try their Wors-Rol? Well, they use super soft white bread, toasted, a 22-cm long special pork sausage, with their own special ketchup, Bertus’ family recipe mustard sauce and thrice fried fries.

Price: Budget to Mid-range

Watch out for: The mustard sauce

Check locations through their Facebook page +27 78 822 2885

Pulled pork sandwich | © BBQ Junkie/Flickr
Pulled pork sandwich | © BBQ Junkie/Flickr

The Rolling Olive

The Rolling Olive serves delicious Mediterranean dishes with South African and Asian influences thrown in for good measure. They source locally and believe in keeping their carbon footprint as small as possible by using recyclable and biodegradable packaging for all the food. Come here to savour delicious dishes such as gourmet hotdogs, arancini risotto balls, and pulled pork sandwiches.

Price: Budget to Mid-range

Watch out for: Their environment-friendly take away packages

Check the location through their Facebook page or on Twitter +27 21 553 0472

By Shreyas Kulkarni

Source: theculturetrip.com


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