The 12 Habits Of The Well-Groomed Man

If good habits equal a good life, make this the year to establish a routine that will keep you looking and feeling your best

  1. Face your face

Before someone looks into your soul, they look into your face. No pressure, but it’s important to look healthy and well groomed. This is why it’s essential that your daily grooming regimen has a specific focus on your face, with a wash, a scrub and a moisturiser. These will ensure that your skin is hydrated and free of grime, and will leave you with an even complexion.

  1. Maintain your beard

Keeping your beard in check doesn’t mean brushing it down every five minutes and constantly checking your reflection – although that is fine if it’s your thing. It means investing in a beard oil and a brush. However you want to have chin foliage, keep it tamed, neat and oiled.

  1. Shave like a pro

Shaving well is an essential skill for the well-groomed man. Knowing how to prepare before a shave, including soaking your blades in warm water so that your pores open up, and never shaving against the grain, will save you a lot of strife.

  1. Roll it on

You’re a hard-working man and often take work home. You’re constantly peering at a computer screen and this can can leave the area around your eyes swollen, grey and saggy. Incorprate an eye roll-on into your daily morning routine to counter this problem and keep your eyes alive and ready to take on the world.

  1. Keep your hands and feet in check

Your hands are the biggest indicator of how well you take care of yourself. A well-groomed man knows that he must clip his fingernails and toenails at least once a week, right after a shower or a bath while the nails are soft and easy to trim. If you’re feeling a bit more adventurous, treat yourself to a professional manicure and/or pedicure – this is the new macho.

  1. See your barber often

Visit your barber every two to three weeks. In fact, book your appointment way in advance. A lot of guys wait until their hair has started making its own decisions before they visit the striped-pole palace. A well-groomed guy makes it a habit to always look effortlessly well put-together.

  1. Grow your fragrance collection

Experimenting with and investing in different fragrances is probably one of the best grooming decisions you can make this year. Having one signature scent has become passé, so change it up depending on your mood, the weather and the type of event you’re attending. After all, a fragrance is supposed to tell a story and life is full of narratives.

  1. Man-scape

Manscaping has long been acceptable and shaving your pubic area is not only allowed, it’s actually the polite thing to do. While most women don’t appreciate a fully-shaven man, keeping your nether regions trimmed and neat should be a priority.

  1. Protect skin from the sun  

A well-groomed gentleman knows the importance of keeping a tub of sunscreen in his man-bag or office drawer. Contrary to poplar belief, sunscreen is not an apply-once-in-the-morning type of product, and depending on the SPF, should be re-applied every three to four hours.

  1. Love your hair

Understanding your hair type and its texture is very important. The well-groomed guy knows to moisturise daily and only to shampoo about three times a week. Washing your hair every day can strip it of its natural oils.

  1. Floss daily

A well-groomed man knows that brushing your teeth is only half the job, as you are able to clean only three of the five enamel surfaces. Be considerate of the person who sits next to you at work, you know… the one you’re always whispering to. Flossing every day is not a suggestion, it’s essential.

  1. Explore!

The key to becoming as well groomed as you want to be is to constantly explore. Always be on the lookout for new fragrances, treatments, and products. Read reviews to find out what is working and you’ll be on your way in no time.

source: destinyman


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