For Teens: 5 Ways You Are Unknowingly Damaging Your Vag!nal

Every teenage girls out there must know that vag!nas are pretty self-sufficient and generally need next to little maintenance. There are important personal hygiene tips that every young woman should know about.

It is very important to know most of these because it will help keep in line with the idea that prevention is far better than cure. From research, here are five ways you may be unknowinlgy damaging your vag!na:

Wearing the wrong panties daily. The G-strings and the thongs plus your underwears that are not cotton materials fall in here.

Stick to more conventional cotton for your everyday activity because the synthetic underwear traps in moisture and leaves a woman more prone to different vag!nal infections.

Pubic hair removal. It is safer to keep it low ‘down there’ than removing everything. Pubic hair is there for a reason, it helps to protect the vag!na from friction and infection. The hair also acts as a woman’s final defense against some STDs.

Douching and washing the vag!na. Douching can mess up the natural balance of good bacteria in the vag!na, and doing it regularly can leave a woman open to a number of ailments, including: yeast infections, STDs, and even infertility, says doctors.

Wiping back to front: Your va gina and butt both have bacteria living in them but separately important to the overall functioning of those areas. It is important to wipe from front to back when cleaning and not the other way round.

Using scented soap: Some yiung woman out there may want to give their vag!na a bit of help by washing with scented soap, but area is self-cleaning. cleaning the external parts is totally fine but with unscented soaps and wipes ‘it is a NO NO’.

If you are experiencing unpleasant vaginal odours, see a doctor to find out the underlying cause.


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