Talented Joburg Artist Plans On Reawakening Johannesburg’s Public Green Spaces This Mandela Day!

Talented Artist James Delaney has been working on a project that will breath new life into some of Joburg’s public green spaces this Mandela Day.


James Delaney and his faithful dog Pablo regularly visit The Wilds, they are considered the cities green lungs, linking the inner-city with suburbia. The Wilds have however developed a reputation for being an environment filled with the unsavory characters of Johannesburg!

Determined to reclaim and reawaken the parks potential, James has dedicated his Mandela Day deeds to giving the green spaces of Johannesburg an artistic retouch!

James has been looking at owls to find his inspiration, using them as his art form to entice people to visit the parks. The Wilds have upped the security in the park but it’s bad reputation still hinders its progress. James hopes this project will change the way people view the Wilds.

“If our green spaces aren’t used, they won’t be protected,”

“Art catches the imagination, and owls have a magical quality. I hope the combination will engage Joburg residents and inspire them to take back this long-forgotten space, to give it some love again.”

James will be hanging 67 custom-made metal owls in the yellowwood forest in The Wilds. Other local artists will contribute their own owl designs, bringing together a parliament of owls as diverse as the Rainbow Nation! The metal and laser cutting of each owl is proudly sponsored by Aluminium Trading.

Locals are invited to join Delaney on 16 July, the Sunday before Mandela Day, for a communal park clean-up, complete with piping hot coffee to keep the winter chill at bay.

To find out more about the work James is doing click here.

Sources: Supplied by Mojanation

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