Strictly For Ladies: What Your ‘Underwear’ Says About You

Lady's Pants

A wise man once said “Show me your pant and i’d tell you who are”. Lol.…But girls always say that if you’re making out with them and something ends up happening in the end and the bra and panties they wore match then the s3x that happened wasn’t your idea.

Less i digress and make this topic about making out, here are what female underwear say about them


1. Flesh-colored and seamless: This dress is somewhat sheer, and I am the kind of woman who pays her bills, organizes her closet, and prevents visible panties.

2. Black cotton panties: I think we all know that there might be some stains in the future of these underwear, and I think we all know what kind of stains they are. These are the Sacrificial Panties.

3. Neon: The POINT is to make it show through, this is called FaShIoN K

4. Extreme, heavily-padded pushup bra: No one is going to be taking this off tonight, so I can live the lie for some excellent cleave pics.

5. Black lacy panties: Bout 2 get myself some D

6. Men’s boxer shorts: Stole these from an ex probably and I don’t care about feeling sexy whilst watching movies, I’m just trying to be comfortable.

7. Bike shorts: I will never have a thigh gap, and I am okay with that.

8. Matching Set: The world is not gonna fuck with me today, I can do anything, I believe in me. This is my moment, my matching-bra-and-panty moment.

9. Thong in a short, flowy skirt or dress: I don’t play by your rules, and mild breezes don’t scare me.

10. That one pair of boyshorts with buttons on them: I bought these thinking “Oh, how cuuuute” but then never wear them because who the fuck wants buttons on their underwear.


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