Stop Commiting These 10 Mistakes Now, If You Don’t Want To Damage Your Skin Tone

One of the most frustrating things that can happen to your skin, which is normal as you age but not so with younger skin, is developing uneven skin tone. It’s a problem that may well be partially addressed by a skin brightening cream that is complemented with a good makeup coverage but, one that will hardly ever go away once you have them.

That said, prevention is key to avoid having to deal with damaged skin tone. Below are 10 mistakes you don’t want to make or stop committing right now to avoid damaged skin tone.

1.  Unnecessary sun exposure.

UV causes permanent damages to your skin. As your skin cells become damaged, it is less capable of producing collagen.  Its ability to turnover skin, likewise, slows down or is completely lost and eventually show up as uneven skin tone, as well as wrinkles and sunspots.  Over time, compromised skin becomes thinner and even more prone to damage.

2.  Exposing yourself to polluted environments.

Pollution is another big ticket trigger of developing dull and uneven skin tone.  Free radicals, which are abundant in polluted environments, attach your skin cells. In the likely event that your cells are overrun, skin damage can show up as unattractive skin tone.

3.  Smoking. Smoking cause cells, including skin cells, to age prematurely.

This happens when your cells are unable to repair, replicate and divide — processes that are essential to keep your skin looking youthful and radiant.  The primary cause is the shortening of the telomeres, which then untimely begins the onset of senescence or, natural aging process.

4.  Using harsh products on your skin.

The market is flooded with products. Many are laden with chemicals that temporarily benefit your skin but then causes long-term, irreversible damages. Some of the ingredients you should avoid are skin conditioning agents and preservatives such as phenoxythanol, formaldehyde and sulfates. Did you know that fragrance has been tagged as one of the top 3 irritants in skincare products?  If not, well now you do.

5.  Layering too many products all at once. This creates the perfect environment for infection and skin irritation. Forgetting to cleanse and rid your skin of products and impurities before retiring at night can add to the degree of damage these products can cause your skin.

6.  Failing to incorporate regular exfoliation in your routine.

Exfoliation has been well-established to bring about rapid, desirable changes to your skin.  It facilitates skin repair and rejuvenation. Practiced regularly, your skin stays soft and young-looking, and helps you avoid uneven skin tone even before it starts showing up. Exfoliate with alphahydroxy acids which are touch on grime and dead skin but gentle on your live skin.

7.  Over pricking and over exfoliating.

Exfoliating is good but too much can easily jeopardize your skin health.  Both these practices cause your skin cells to become damaged and dry. With dryness, your skin becomes more prone to damage.

8.  Neglecting antioxidants in your diet and skincare regimen.

Antioxidants, including Vitamin C, can rival even the best skin brightening cream that you’ve ever tried.  In a study published in the International Journal of Aesthetic and Anti-Ageing Medicine in 2015, it was found that over 95% of 270 study subjects experienced whiter and better moisturized skin after receiving a combination of Vitamin C and Glutathione treatments.

9.  Spending too much time on-screen.

Refrain from spending time in the shade but taking it to as another opportunity to tinker your gadgets. You must be aware that the blue light from your devices is another form of radiation, one that does not respond well to your regular sunscreen.

10. Not getting enough sleep.

While enlarged pores may be the most immediate and visible result of lack of sleep on your skin, it causes multiple signs of skin aging to show up all over your face too, including uneven skin tone. That’s because sleeplessness causes poor blood circulation, depriving your skin of much needed nutrients for repair and renewal.


There are many reasons to be concerned about how your skin behaves as it ages.  But, you do have to watch out for danger signs your skin may be aging too much, too soon so you can give it the attention it deserves


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