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Spanish Bull Run!!: South African Man And Many Others In Critical Condition

A freak accident during a Spanish bull run known as the annual San Fermin festival left 14 people injured including a South African.

Charging bulls set everyone on their marks on Friday in the northern Spanish city of Pamplona, local officials said.

A lot of people were hurt as the bulls were let loose through the city’s narrow streets. According to the local government, the injured include four US citizens, a South African, an Indian, a Portuguese and a Briton.

The 73-year-old South African man, and a 58-year-old Spanish resident of Pamplona are both in a serious condition after being gored during the Spanish bull run.

Two Americans and an Indian who were also gored walked away without sustaining serious injuries, the local government said.

Another American, 53-year-old woman was hospitalised for trauma.

The northern Spanish city of Pamplona hosts the most famous of Spain’s many bull-running festivals. The event shows hundreds of people trying to outrun six charging bulls over 800 metres without being gored.

The climax of the festival which often takes place on Fridays is the moment the bulls charge at the participants. Bulls toss several people into the air and pin others to the ground as participants pull their tails and grabbed their horns.


However, participants knew what they were in for as they were warned ahead of this year’s festival. With reference to the fact that at least 16 people had been killed since 1910, organisers warned that they could die in the Spanish bull run.

On Thursday, five people were injured. After letting them loose through the streets, the animals are killed during bullfights later in the day.

The most recent death by bull run was in 2009.


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