South Africa’s Most Popular Baby Names In 2014

Can you guess what the most popular baby names given to newborns in South Africa is?

Among the most popular baby names were: Bandile, Kungwayo and Siyabonga for boys and Iminathi, Minenhle and Rethabile for girls.

However, the most popular name (coming out at the top of the list) is Junior. A total of 1 137 [recorded] baby boys were given the name Junior last year out of the 1 161 159 total recorded births. The total reflected a 0.5% decrease in the number of babies born from the previous year, which saw 1 166 554 recorded births.

To put it into context, the Statician General explained that this number didn’t necessarily represent all the children born in 2014, stating that 76.3% (approximately 886 000) represented the recorded births that occurred in 2014, and that 24% (approximately 247 000) represented births that took place in the previous year (in 2013), but were only registered in 2014.

The report also showed that there were slightly more boys born (587 592) than girls (573 567), leaving the sex ratio at 102 boys: 100 girls.

The report also revealed that there was a high level of absent fathers in the households of the registered babies, noting that 83% of the fathers were absent.  It noted that 39% of the absent fathers  were alive and well, but were making no contribution to the households in which their babies were a part of, while the other 44% of absent fathers had passed away.

It was also revealed that South African women were “late start[ers]”, reporting that the average age of mothers who gave birth last year was 27 years old.

Women with the highest percentage (26,8%) of reported births were within the age group from 20-24, which wasn’t too far off from those aged between 25-29, who represented 26%.  This was followed by women aged between 30 and 34 who represented 19,9%, while women who were aged between 40 and 54 represented 3,3% of the total.

The most popular names of 2014 were:

Baby Names

Looking at the list above, it’s great to see that parents are giving their children names with interesting meanings and what’s even more exciting to see is that parents are becoming more creative and moving away from more common names. Here are ten names that we think should be given a bit of a break:

  1. Thabo
  2. Lebogang
  3. Tumi (Tumelo)
  4. Lerato
  5. Sipho
  6. Jabu (Jabulani)
  7. Thabang
  8. Tebogo
  9. Mbali
  10. Buhle

source: destinyconnect


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