South Africa’s craziest milkshakes: Hundreds of flavours to try right now

There’s something very nostalgic about sipping on a cold, ultra-creamy milkshake – especially if it’s fake strawberry or bubblegum flavour. Lately, shakes have become a little bit more adventurous and a lot more delicious, with those standard syrupy flavours making way for fresh and wacky ingredient combinations. You’ve seen the ‘freakshakes‘ that went viral earlier this year, but South Africa has some pretty inspired creamy creations, too. We set out on a search for the most decadent gourmet milkshakes around the country. Brace yourselves for flavours like salted caramel popcorn, fresh avocado and mint, condensed milk cheesecake, candyfloss, campfire marshmallow, lemon curd and banoffee pie. Are you ready for this?

A close-up view of the milkshakes made by My Sugar restaurant. Photo courtesy of the restaurant.

  • Johannesburg
  • Pretoria
  • Durban and surrounds
  • Cape Town
  • Winelands and surrounds



Craft (Parkhurst)
Craft’s new dessert section features crazy shake lusciousness. The Candy Carnival is layered with strawberry bubblegum candy, love heart sweets, sherbet, candy floss, popping candy and pink caramel. There’s also the Chocolate Overload, with milk chocolate and white chocolate shake in dense layers covered in hazelnut-choc sauce, chocolate ganache, whipped chocolate, roasted marshmallows, Belgian choc sauce and even chocolate sprinkles. Bring it on. The Salted Caramel Delight contains real crème brûlée, baked cheesecake, a disc of salted caramel, chocolates oozing caramel filling and then spoonfuls of caramel sauce.

Insane milkshakes at Craft in Parkhurst. Photo courtesy of the restaurant.

The Leopard (Melville)
The Leopard’s Middle-Eastern-inspired Mighty Milkshake features layers of halva, double-thick shake, creamy tahini and preserved lemon, magnificently drenched in rose syrup, studded with Turkish Delight and heaped with salted-roasted nut praline. It’s a belly dance in a glass.

The interior at The Leopard. Photo courtesy of the restaurant.

Oregano (Linden)
Here a whole pitcher of greed contains the creamiest, chockiest shake, with a flow of glorious caramel running through it and chocolate brownies within and presented alongside for more-is-moreishness!

Walnut Grove (Sandton)
The crazy way they present the shakes is seldom the same twice. The menu features the Nutty Nutella shake of hazelnut ice cream with Nutella, topped with a giant doughnut that’s stuffed with more Nutella. Also on the menu is a Ferrero Rocher shake containing the prized chocolates, topped with a chocolate-hazelnut cupcake with butter-cream icing, and crushed Ferrero Rocher. New arrivals on the menu within the week include the peanut butter salted caramel milkshake with salted pretzels and caramel popcorn, and a lemon meringue number with giant homemade meringues and luscious lemon drops.

Nutella shake topped with a Nutella-stuffed doughnut. Photo courtesy of the restaurant.

XO Patisserie at 27 Boxes (Melville)
The Cronut Freakshake claims to be the highest (“almost to the ceiling”) milkshake in the country. There’s more than a litre of it going up, so bring a friend you want to love you very much. It’s made with Sicilian stracciatella gelato with chocolate chunks of all sizes, a big XO cronut with fresh cream within, chocolate-hazelnut sauce and a world of delicious nuts. There’s an equally monstrous churros and chocolate version. We’re not scared.


Afro-boer (Die Wilgers)
This lovely light and airy bakery never disappoints when it comes to innovation. Their ‘Petit Pink’ milkshake shows solidarity with the people of France, consisting of a strawberry swirl base, homemade vanilla ice cream, whipped cream, pink pearls, hand-rolled white chocolate truffles, finely chopped cranberries and toasted shaved coconut, and topped with a jam-filled beignet (using a recipe from Ladurée). The Blonde Zulu consists of a chocolate ganache base, homemade chocolate ice cream, frozen chocolate brownie shards, whipped cream, salted caramel swirl, chopped hazelnuts, and a cinnamon sugar-coated churro. Both these delights retail for around R40.

Burger Bistro (Villieria)
Now with a branch in Centurion too, these guys are growing from strength to strength. They have the quirkiest milkshake menu – one of those childhood playthings with the coloured dots inside and the numbers on the outside – helping to classify the milkshakes into descriptive categories such as ‘fruity’, ‘not-boring’, ‘boring’ and ‘adventurous’. The ‘boring’ category might be a misnomer, since it includes those regular milkshakes for which we all have an abiding love: banana, chocolate, strawberry, bubblegum, lime, and vanilla. The ‘fruity’ category includes kiwi, orange, pineapple, pomegranate, watermelon and coconut, while the ‘not boring’ category includes coffee, caramel, hazelnut, peanut butter, candyfloss and toffee nut. But it is the ‘adventurous’ section that should float everyone’s boat a little higher, with flavours like avocado, tiramisu, lavender, gingerbread, crème brûlée, apple pie and rose. They all sell for R29.50 each, except for the boring ones which will cost you a mere R 24.50 each.


DK Gourmet Burger and Craft Beer Bar (Waterkloof Ridge) Since milkshakes and burgers go together like bread and jam or bacon and eggs, it’s no wonder that this little burger spot, which nestles closely and comfortably under the wing of its bigger sister restaurant, De Kloof, serves yummy milkshakes. Their rum and raspberry milkshake is delicious (with a splash of Captain Morgan), and they make a refreshingly unique Turkish delight and mint shake with herbs from their own garden. The peanut butter fudge shake is for the serious sweet tooth with its chunks of homemade fudge.   Ed’s Diner (Moreleta Park) Ed’s Diner has long been one of the go-to places for traditional milkshakes in the capital city.  Although this stalwart has changed locations, it steadfastly holds a regular clientele who would not exchange an Ed’s Burger for any other in the world. They offer a small selection of regular milkshakes, but it is their speciality shakes that shine. They’re all served in tall glasses with the stainless steel milkshake container coming along for an additional top-up. And top up there will be, as they use a whopping 1 litre of ice cream to make each milkshake. All other ingredients are the real thing, so no imitation Smarties or alternative Oreos will find their way into your milkshake, and at R40 a piece they are excellent value for money as well. Flavours include Peppermint Crisp, Kit Kat, Bar One, Crunchie, Lunch Bar, Cadbury Flake, Whispers, Snickers, TV Bar, peanut butter, coffee and a Peanut Crunch made with peanut butter and Kit Kat. Grounded at Echo (Villieria) This little neighbourhood coffee joint, which offers free Zulu classes on certain nights and is a well-known Instameet venue, serves a Naudé milkshake made with an espresso shot, crunchy peanut butter and vanilla ice cream at R27. There is also a spicy chai milkshake, a real fruit shake made with berries and banana, milo and banana, or peanut butter and banana. Shakes sell for R30, or R25 for a kiddies’ portion. They also have the ultimate health milkshake, aptly named For Goodness Shake, made with cream, yoghurt, almond butter and berry coulis for R27.


Protea Hotel Fire & Ice (Menlyn)
The Fire & Ice hotels are known for their grown-up milkshakes with wonderfully creative names such as Carnival Time, Hot Ice, Life is just Peachy and Pumpkin Marshmallow, and among the 26 non-alcoholic and 10 boozy shakes, anyone is bound to find a favourite. Their Turkish Delight milkshake is affectionately known as ‘the belly dancer’, and they also have a rocky road version with cherries, chocolate chips, nuts and coconut marshmallows. Try a salted caramel popcorn milkshake, or the carrot cake and rooibos one called Oupa and Ouma. The Black and White is made with Oreos, and the Choc Rock Climber with Ferrero Rocher. The grown-up milkshakes include a Russian Roulette made with caramel vodka, Elephant’s Trunk with Amarula cream, the Nuts About It with Frangelico and Some R and R with rum and raisin. Full portions cost R55 and half portions R40.

Durban and surrounds

Boiler Room Café (Morningside)
This trendy eatery has become known for its decadent shakes served in glass jars with a chunky straw. The creative flavours change constantly, but diners can expect choices such as peanut butter and banana, red velvet, lemon meringue or popcorn and salted caramel. The winner so far, however, has been the Boris Becker shake, made with a base of crumbled German ginger cake, house-made vanilla-bean ice cream blended together with crushed tennis biscuits, and an orange Italian meringue on top.

A milkshake at the Boiler Room Café. Photo courtesy of the restaurant.

Flavour Café (Pietermaritzburg)
This charming little café doesn’t just serve up tasty teatime treats and gourmet burgers. The team has created quite a following with their Instagram-worthy crazy shakes in an array of insane flavours ranging from R38 to R45. Owner Lee Hankey serves chocolate brownie shakes with vanilla-seed chocolate-swirl ice cream; caramel shakes with doughnuts, speckled eggs, chocolate cigars, peanut butter and condensed milk cheesecake; salted caramel shakes with popcorn, peanut butter, condensed milk cheesecake and candy floss; and a pretzel and homemade butterscotch shake.

Three milkshakes at the Flavour Cafe. Photo courtesy of the restaurant.

Four 15 (Durban North)
Durban’s very own burrito bar offers diners a perfectly sweet ending with their small range of tempting shakes. Flavours include toasted coconut, choc mint brownie, or the toasted s’more shake with campfire marshmallows, crushed tennis biscuits and a warming sprinkle of cinnamon.

The festive interior at Four15. Photo courtesy of the restaurant.

Freedom Café (Morningside)
The retro-style shakes at this eclectic eatery are comforting with just the right amount of sweetness without artificial flavours and syrups (R25). Flavours include malted vanilla, chocolate, banana, berry, coffee, and peanut butter. For something with a kick, try out their spiked shakes (R35) with options such as hazelnut with a shot of Frangelico, the strawberry with a kiss of Strawberry Lips, and the coffee one with a hit of Patrón tequila.

Mr. Browns BBQ & Smoked Food (Umhlanga Rocks) At the new sit-down branch of this BBQ eatery, milkshake lovers can slurp on double thick options such as the ButtaScotch (their signature) with rich butterscotch sauce, the Choco Orange, the Choco Nutty, the Vanilla Bean and the classic Strawberry. All shakes R32 and they are also available as take aways at Cato Ridge, Gillitts and Hillcrest branches.

The shakes at Mr. Browns BBQ & Smoked Food.

Parc Café (Glenwood) The shakes selection is impressive, and all are made with locally produced ice cream from grass-fed, free-range cows, and natural and homemade flavourings. The flavours include subtle vanilla bean, chocolate ganache, brownie, lemon cheesecake with lemon curd, and peanut butter. Their signature milkshake is the Free’s Shake concocted with avocado and fresh vanilla. Sage Café(Salt Rock) Gourmet milkshake flavours at this family-friendly spot include Ferrero Rocher (R45), Nutella and banana (R38), peanut butter and banana (R38), and Peppermint Crisp (R38). For a nostalgic and comforting treat, try the Horlicks, honey and banana shake (R38). All are made with a locally produced premium ice cream, and imported syrups are used for the standard range of milkshakes. Surf Riders Food Shack (Addington Beach) Beach goers and promenade walkers flock to this easy-going eatery for breakfasts, burgers, pizzas, and milkshakes. The shack’s shakes are not for the faint hearted; their deluxe milkshake bar includes over-the-top options such as salted caramel and honeycomb, Oreo with chocolate ganache and marshmallow, wild berry with hot flamed rum meringue, and the popular peanut butter and banana. All shakes are R49 and are made with homemade ice cream that is whipped up daily.


The Waffle Shop at Vovo Telo (Umhlanga Rocks)
Known for bringing their artisanal breads and great breakfasts to the buzzing Umhlanga Village, Vovo Telo now has a waffle shop that serves glorious gourmet shakes. The delightful flavours include Strawberry Seduction with strawberry compote, Madagascan Dreams with fresh pineapple and roasted coconut, and the Local is Lekker shake with roasted caramelised bananas. The Madagascan vanilla ice cream used in all their milkshakes is made on site with free-range milk and containsno artificial colourants, flavourants or preservatives.

Cape Town

The Creamery (Claremont, Salt River, V&A Waterfront)
This dedicated ice cream parlour doesn’t skimp on the creativity with their range of milkshakes made with any flavour that’s on the ice cream counter that day. Flavours change with the seasons, but you’ll always find 65% chocolate, sea salt caramel, peanut butter, sweet cream, and Rosetta Roastery coffee on offer. Mint choc chip, choc malt, lemon curd, toasted coconut, and chocolate orange also make appearances. Those looking for a real treat can keep their eyes open for the strawberry shake topped with a perfectly brûléed marshmallow. (All shakes are R46.)

A strawberry milkshake with a brûléed marshmallow topping at The Creamery. Photo courtesy of the restaurant.

The Eatery Wood Fired Grill (Claremont and Wynberg)
This new steakhouse and grill is fast becoming a hotspot for more than just their red meat. The impressive gourmet milkshake menu ranges from the classics to the more adventurous like the Harlem Shake with creamy peanut butter, homemade vanilla ice cream and peanut praline sweets (R32), or the nostalgic flavours of the Wilson Toffee shake that’s made with vanilla ice cream blended with blackstrap molasses (R32).


Engruna Eatery (Sea Point) Diners at this burger and beer spot can end off on a sweet note with their gourmet shake selection. The cookies-and-cream shake made with Oreos comes highly recommended by the Eat Out team, while the fabulous toasted marshmallow or Kahlua tiramisu shakes are also wildly popular. For those who love Ferrero Rocher, the chocolate hazelnut shake is for you. The ice cream is homemade on site and prices range from R40 to R45.

A chocolate milkshake topped of with Oreos at Engruna Eatery. Photo courtesy of the restaurant.

Franky’s Diner (Sea Point) This 50s-style diner comes complete with red booths and retro shakes in crazy flavours. The ice cream drinks are all prepared with La Veneziana soft serve ice cream and imported French Giffard syrups, and arrive topped with fresh cream and a maraschino cherry. Sip on the Nutty Crust shake with crumbled biscuits, the Snickers shake, or the English toffee flavour (R50 to R55). Alternatively, try out the cheeky liquor-spiked shakes in flavours like the Marilyn Monroe (cream liqueur with Bar One spread and soft serve ice cream) and the Audrey Delight (premium vodka with cassis, bubblegum extract and vanilla soft serve).

Gibson’s Gourmet Burger and Ribs (V&A Waterfront)
This popular burger spot offers a huge range of decadently thick shakes to pair with the grub. Try the shake with homemade custard, fresh banana and vanilla bean ice cream (R50), the rocky road with strawberry ice cream, chopped nuts and toasted marshmallows (R50), and the chocolate brownie with a homemade brownie, chocolate ice cream and whipped cream (served with two straws).

The Bar One Shake at Gibson's Gourmet Burgers and Ribs. Photo courtesy of the restaurant.

Hudson’s The Burger Joint (Claremont, Gardens, Green Point and Stellenbosch) Served in large bowl-like goblets, the milkshakes at this popular burger joint have quite the reputation. No syrups are used and they’re also double thick with no milk added; it is simply ice cream and the base flavour ingredient. Flavours include peanut butter, salted caramel, choc-mint, house-made fudge, Bar One, Nutella, strawberry, Oreo shake and Lindt brownie. They’re also two spiked options, which are Amarula and toasted marshmallow and Kahlua and espresso. Prices range from R39 to R58.

A milkshake at Hudson's The Burger Joint. Photo courtesy of the restaurant.

My Sugar (Sea Point) Partly inspired by Australian café Pâtissez’s freakshakes that went viral, the milkshakes here are creative and super indulgent. Flavours include miso caramel (topped with the popular miso caramel Buddha, cookie butter and butterscotch popcorn); creamy coffee (made with the café’s signature blend); caramelised coconut; and super chocolate. All are topped with vanilla-bean whipped cream and optional extras like a chocolate brownie, choc chip cookie, chocolate shavings, white chocolate, and cocoa nib and coffee bean shards. R45 each.

A view of the all the milkshakes made by My Sugar restaurant. Photo courtesy of the restaurant.

Protea Hotel Fire & Ice (Tamboerskloof) There are an overwhelming 27 milkshake flavours on offer at this city spot with another 10 spiked grown-up shakes. Some are flavoured with chocolate bars (Aero, Lindt, Peppermint Crisp, Kit Kat and Crunchie) and some are flavoured with fruit (peaches and cream, peanut butter and banana, and toffee apple and fudge). There are also crazy flavours for the adventurous: pumpkin, marshmallows and caramel or popcorn and Coke float, anyone? The spiked options include ones with tequila, peppermint liqueur, or caramel vodka. R40 for a half portion or R55 for a goblet.

A peanut butter and esspreso milkshake at

Riverway Café (Hout Bay) This quaint vintage-style café offers a range of gourmet milkshakes for R32. Their most popular flavour is the Eton mess, which consists of strawberries, cream and house-made meringue. Two runners-up include the key-lime shake with zesty lime curd, coconut biscuits, and fresh cream, and then the coffee shake with a sugary doughnut on top.

A strawberry milkshake at the Riverway Cafe. Photo courtesy of the restaurant.

Royale Eatery (City Bowl) This Long Street favourite is known for its burgers and double-thick shakes. All shakes are served with a spoon and wide smoothie straw to make slurping them a little easier. Popular flavours include the choc brownie with chocolate sauce, Oreos with vanilla ice cream, and Jack Daniel’s with peanut butter. Fruity shakes are made with fresh fruit pieces or pulp of bananas, strawberries and oranges. Milkshakes are available in 300ml or 600ml servings and range from R33 to R58 for small, and R60 to R95 for large, depending on the flavour.


tashas (Constantia)

Settle down in the small waffle house alongside the main restaurant and slurp on the range of milkshakes made with Italian full-cream vanilla ice cream. Flavours are more classic, with choices such as strawberry, lime, chocolate, vanilla bean, Horlicks or Bar One. For a burst of freshness, there are also shakes made with freshly squeezed fruit juice, and the very popular frullatos, made with ice cream, freshly squeezed juice and fresh fruit pieces, which are available in flavours like strawberry, granadilla, apple and cranberry. R32 for basic milkshakes; R35 for fruit shakes; and R38 for frullatos.


Cold Gold (Stellenbosch)
Sweet-toothed foodies can order any flavour of the available ice creams, sorbets, vegan ice creams and banting ice creams in milkshake form. There are normally around 70 flavours of ice cream in stock at any given time, with options such as cappuccino caramel swirl, honey-and-cinnamon crunch, chocolate rocky road, salted-caramel cheesecake, and white chocolate with toasted coconut. The normal milkshakes are made with scoops of ice cream and full-cream milk, and all ice cream is prepared using organic and local ingredients and no artificial colourings, flavourings or preservatives.


Today is #CoffeeDay so come treat yourself at Cold Gold HQ with some delicious coffee ice cream. We have some really indulgent flavours in stock at the moment….like cappuccino & caramel swirl, chocolate mint & caramel cappucino, smoked vanilla cappucino & caramel swirl, smokey cappucino or maybe a plain good old coffee ice cream…there are loads to choose from! Some of them are also #Banting, #Paleo and #Vegan We only use Bean There Fairtrade nd organic Ethiopian Sidamo coffee in all of our ice creams…freshly brewd for every tub of gold. #SupportSmallBusiness

Schoon de Companje (Stellenbosch) Fanny Chanel ice cream is the brand responsible for serving up the milkshakes at this bakery and deli. The ice cream is made with eggs from pasture-reared chickens, cream from Stellenbosch University’s Maties Milk brand, organic honey and sugar, all-natural flavours, and seasonal fruits. Flavours change constantly but options include the likes of double chocolate, coffee and caramel, lemon meringue (with homemade meringue topping), and honey malt with toasted marshmallow. They’re available in small (250ml) or large (350ml) for R29 and R39 respectively.


Thirsty Scarecrow (Stellenbosch)
This popular craft beer and pub grub spot offers beautiful views and creamy shakes. The milkshake range is concise but exciting, and all are made with real dairy ice cream and no syrups. Choose from options such as the apple-pie shake with vanilla ice cream and apples cooked with cinnamon, sugar and butter. Other flavours include lemon meringue, banoffee, coconut, milk tart, strawberry tequila, ginger-beer float and stout-beer float. Shakes go for R28 to R40, depending on flavour.

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Please note that while we have taken care to get all the creamy milkshake details correct, right down to the sprinkles, some items might change without our knowledge.


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