South Africans Do Want Change And Prosperity

Flag of South Africa
Flag of South Africa

South Africans do want change, and prosperity.  For the generations who will take over from us and with this optimism, they too will see a bright future.

Tourism, will grow.  By bringing others to our beautiful shores, we not only show them the landscape and wildlife that is unique, but take them to places to meet the locals, expose them to those who give generously to others, without headlines, and hopefully inspire them to encourage others to travel there.  A bright prospect.

Years ago, Tich Smith and his wife Joan, had a vision to create LIV village on the North Coast of KwaZulu Natal.  Hard work, endless travel and faith is now an example to all of us.

Children with little hope have a home of safety, to learn and play. Business developments have created a sustainable industry to provide without needing permanent donations. Volunteers come to visit, and some to settle. It is a happy place.

There are many other charities who care for the young and old.  Those that have no voice.  By voting for change, we bring their voices to the fore. Tell the world we do not ignore those who have lived the past, we honour them above politics, with better services and health care. By voting for change, we respect our youth.

Giving is addictive.  Seeing despair change to a bright glint and a big smile is worthy of our commitment to change.  For those who voted for a better South Africa, however long it may take, I thank you and invite you all to my table to foster the bright-eyed connection.


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