South African School Boys Have Made South Africa Proud By Becoming World Literary Competition Champions!

Literary Competition

The boys from St. Johns College have made South Africa proud by winning top prize and being crowned the world champs of the Literary Competition in Canada!


When the four students from St. Johns Preparatory won the South African leg of the competition, they never dreamed they would go on to win the world championship as well!

Khelan Desai, Hongjae Noh, Sahaj Mooji and Joshua Bruwer, joined teams from all over the world in Canada for the final competition. They went head-to-head against seven other countries, Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Singapore, United Kingdom and USA.

The readers needed to be between 10 and 13, and have a strong love and knowledge of books. The boys took part in 10 rounds answering 100 questions! They won the title with 40 points! USA came in second with 27 points and the UK third.

Hongjae Noh had the exciting opportunity of being interviewed for CBC in Canada, they asked him why he became so passionate about reading? He said his love of books came from their appearance.

“The physical appearance, the paper, the ink, the smell of the book. I had a teacher last year who said every book you read is a life you’ve lived; I really took that to heart.”

The boys have made South Africa really proud! Reading is important and each of them were presented with gold medals and books! The last time South Africa was crowned champions was in 2013! Well done boys!

Sources: SA People

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