South African Prophet Lethebo Rabalango Claims Robert Mugabe Will Not Die but Will be Taken to Heaven Like Elijah

Robert Mugabe

South African prophet Lethebo Rabalango has given out his prophecy saying Zimbabwe president Robert Mugabe will never die to be buried, but instead will be taken to heaven by what he describes as an Angelic Horse.

The Prophet made the revelations at his Mount of Zion General Assembly church in Polokwane during a Friday Night Service.

Zimbabwe President Robert Mugage delivers a speech after returning from the UN General Assembly

He said Mugabe has saved black humanity faithfully and he shall be rewarded by not seeing death. It is the will of the above to honor Mugabe for standing tall to help the poor.

“I saw a vision in which Mugabe was dressed in white and surrounded by old prophets and great people who were congratulating him for his impact to mankind especially the black people. Then I saw him being raised to heaven,” he said.

A lot of people have spoken about Mugabe’s health which has been very outstanding and he still stands up to date.

Prophet Lethebo was recently in the news for putting a big speaker on top of a girl as part of deliverance.


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