South African Man Caught Pants Down With A Lame Goose


Yeah, it has long been agreed that South Africa is the sexual crime hotspot of the world.

It’d be fair to say the most unbelievable creatures can be victims of rape in the country. 

Dog, cows, pigs, goat, sheep. Just name it. They all have been raped by humans in South Africa. The perverts clearly don’t have a limit. They can rape all things.

Reports have it that a 21-year-old man was dragged to court after he was caught raping a goose. What kind of man rapes a goose huh? I’d like to know what he was thinking too.

Confirming this report, Police spokesperson Lieutenant Colonel Andre Traut divulged that the suspect was arrested for raping a goose in Gansbaai.

Traut said: “The matter is still under investigation. This office can confirm that…a 21-year-old man made a court appearance in Hermanus on a charge of bestiality following an incident…in Masakhane, Gansbaai involving a goose.

BuzzSouthAfrica gathered that the accused intended to kill, cook and feed on the goose afterwards.

A witness, Lindeka Thwala related that she heard the birds making unusual disturbing noise at about 7am. As such, her husband went to check on the geese to find out what’s troubling them.

There, he found the young man having sex with a goose. “That goose couldn’t even walk. It was lame,” Lindeka lamented.

She invited the owner of the geese, they questioned him and the suspect reportedly remarked that he just wanted to “rape it, kill it and cook it.”

Speaking about the suspect, the geese owner said: “He was drunk… He said they must call the cops because he committed the sin. I don’t know if he was referring to the rape.

…The bird just lay there and slept the whole day. I just want him to give me the money to buy a new goose. I don’t want to eat a goose that might have been raped,” she added.


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