South African Man Among Kidnapped Nigerians

Government confirmed that a South African was among contractors kidnapped in southern Nigeria.

Dirco spokesman Nelson Kgwete tweeted that the man’s identity has been established and that he is 35 years old.

Officials from the SA High Commission in Lagos are making their way to the outskirts of Calabar.

That’s where gunmen ambushed a convoy and killed a local driver on Wednesday.

As many as seven people were taken hostage, but two managed to escape.

All the workers are employed by cement company Lafarge Africa, the majority of whom are believed to be from Australia.

The country’s prime minister says it’s unclear who the kidnappers are at this stage.

“Three Australians and one Australian resident, a New Zealand citizen, were among seven people captured, kidnapped,” said Malcolm Turnbull.

“The Australian High Commissioner is on the scene and we are working with the authorities, the local authorities at the highest levels.

“We don’t know at this stage the identity of the kidnappers and the families in Australia have been notified.”



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